What to Do If Bike Insurance Expires During This Lockdown?

Riding a bike lets you enjoy your commute with the wind in your face. Other than that, it also adds a lot convenience by helping you weave through heavy traffic. This means you save a lot of time while others must wait for it to open.

There is no end to the list of advantages that a bike can offer you. But for all its advantages, there are a lot of dangers to riding a bike as well. Making a single mistake on the road can lead to dire consequences for both the bike and you. The best way to avoid this situation is to drive safe. However, despite all the caution, accidents can happen at times. Hence, the best solution for you is to have bike insurance.

Bike insurance during lockdown

Since more than a year, the country has been under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of this lockdown, the movement of people across their respective regions. This means that there is little to no reason to drive your vehicle. Due to this, a lot of people of have parked their bikes for the foreseeable future. Hence, it is natural to forget about everything associated with the bike. This includes bike insurance as well. There may be a situation where you forget about your bike and the insurance policy on it. Due to this, you may fail to renew it and it may expire.

What happens when your bike insurance policy expires?

A bike insurance policy expires when you don’t pay the premium in the stipulated time of the coverage. This means making the payment before the last day of coverage. In the case you don’t make it and the coverage expires, the insurance provider will offer you a break-in period of 90 days. This break-in period serves as a chance for you to reinstate your plan. This way, you can restore all the benefits of the policy as they were. But you will not have coverage during the break-in period. If somehow, you miss this time window as well, your policy is terminated.

Upon termination, all types of coverage and benefits of the policy are considered null and void. This implies that you not only have no coverage for own damages to your bike, but also for third-party liabilities. Hence, the next time you get into a situation like accident, theft, vandalism, etc., you will have to cover these expenses out of your own pocket. While there is a lesser chance of accidents during lockdown, but there is no sense of taking the risk of being in this situation with insurance coverage. Moreover, riding a bike without insurance is illegal. Getting caught riding a bike without insurance means you will have to pay a heavy fine.

What can you do if this happens?

Missing the renewal of your bike insurance policy may be a bad thing, but its not a crime. But if you want to ride your bike, you need a two-wheeler insurance policy. So, in the case of your policy expiring, the only thing that makes sense for you to do is to buy a new policy.

Ideally, it would be better if you make the premium payment before your policy is terminated. But missing this opportunity could be a blessing in disguise. This implies that now you can buy a policy with better benefits and coverage options. Hence, as soon as your policy is terminated, you need to start looking for another policy.

The most obvious doubt here is that with everything closed due to COVID-19 lockdown, how do you exactly buy a policy or even look for one. The simple answer is through online mediums. The first step is always comparing polices which can be done through third-party comparison websites. To buy a policy you can go to an insurance provider’s website and make the transaction.


The Types of Construction Projects Involved in Civil Engineering

Buildings, bridges, roads, canals, railways, and runways are all structures in civil engineering that require construction in part or wholesomely. Depending on the nature of the work to be done to raise these structures, there is the involvement of different construction procedures.

The procedures followed, and activities involved help classify the various construction projects that a business can undertake. This article defines the most common construction projects in civil engineering.

Water Engineering Projects

Water engineering requires the comprehension of the nature of water, water bodies, and its transport channels such as rivers and artificial waterways. This knowledge is then used to engineer structures and projects that help put the water into good use or manage the water to accommodate other constructions.

Simply put, a water engineering project manages the interaction between water and its surroundings. These projects range from the dam building, canals construction, sewerage structures laying, and drainage systems development.

Geotechnical Engineering Projects

Geotechnical engineering projects involve the exploration of soil and rocks to understand their interaction with other fields of civil engineering. Geotechnical engineers interact with different grounds, and their knowledge helps define a productive interaction between the earth and a project.

So, as long as a project interacts with the ground at some point (which is typically any construction project), geotechnics and heavy construction equipment will likely be required. Engineers here technically analyse the behaviour of rocks or soils, survey project sites, review construction proposals, and assess ground safety.

Structural Engineering Projects

As the name suggests, structural engineering involves creating the skeleton of structures as an early step of the construction process. Design is the first and essential step during the construction as it creates a blueprint of what to expect when coming up with the infrastructure piece.

Structural engineering projects are based on creating and maintaining high levels of sustainability, reliability, safety while observing a practical economic sense. Aesthetics is also a critical area of focus for structural engineering projects. Typical machinery used in this industry includes excavator hire, crane leasing and various ground equipment such as skid-steer loaders.

Environmental Engineering Projects

These projects revolve around the environment, especially where the environment is already at high risk and requires care to protect its resources. Environmental protection is done by identifying the problems and then coming up with constructive solutions to the issues. Environmental engineering is essential as it streamlines construction projects to ensure they preserve the environment.

Transport Engineering Projects

Transport engineering projects are concerned with the planning, designing, and monitoring the operation of transports systems. They are mostly aimed at creating fast, reliable, economically viable, and safe transport systems. The various transportation modes, including road, air, water, avail opportunities for such projects.

Civil engineers usually structure their creations around the client’s requirements and preferences while implementing a project. Some of the tasks performed in transport engineering projects include analysis of transport system designs and giving recommendations to other engineers.

Construction makes up a big part of civil engineering. It is a critical activity in the majority of the projects in and around civil engineering. This explains why most of the listed projects above require heavy machinery like excavator hire machinery so as to be accomplished.


Leadership Qualities that Separate Good from Great

In this highly competitive environment, everyone is striving for attaining good enough results. To distinguish oneself from good to be the best is what matters. There is a high need of developing those skills that are very much demanded in the industry today. 

The one who seems successful has faced many hard times too. After passing through so much grind, the person has then become capable of leaving exceptional footprints in his domain to be followed by the others. 

Let’s see how a leader could be the best version of himself. Also, consider reading about Charles Field Marsham, he is one of the business leaders and you can get valuable insights from him.

Clarifying the Complex 

As the leader in the role model to his subordinates. His followers need his assistance at any time of the day. The successful leader is the one who breaks tasks into smaller components. Then give himself and his employees the achievable goals within a particular time frame. 

All of the complex sorts of tasks will then be addressed by the leader. He will make the way easy for his employees. So that they can progress by leaps and bounds. Individual success together contributes to achieving the overall goals of an organization. 

Embracing New Thinking 

Just like the outdated and conventional things soon wipe out. Similar is the case of conventional techniques deployed by the leaders and managers. If they do not invest more in creative thinking and innovative products and services, there will be more chances of them vanishing away from the industry. 

New thinking is not just about launching a new product, making another decision, or setting some business goals, rather it is about embracing new thinking while listening to the critics very patiently. It is sometimes the combination of the patient ear and the wide mouths that set a person on the right path while making all the relevant changes. Follow the footprints of Winston Churchill

Balancing Confidence and Humility 

Great leaders should always act confidently while taking humility. When there is a time for making any decision, they should trust their inner judgments for the development of their business. However, the decisions they make must serve their team in the best possible manner. 

Leaders must have to acknowledge their team’s efforts. Otherwise, they will not feel included. They have to face the challenges together. It is not just the job of one person. 

Avoiding Distractions 

There have been many words of mouth that are only meant to distract the focus of the leader. However, a good leader won’t let it happen. He will rather act firmly. He knows that it is better to take measures following what the research says. 

If you want to learn more, I suggest reading about the Field Marsham Foundation

Final Thoughts 

Every leader has some sort of competitive advantage over other leaders in the market. So, acknowledging the strengths and working on the weaknesses is what makes a person better and then the best among all other people of the same industry. 


How Baseball is Getting Popular Worldwide

Now it is a myth that Baseball is one of the leading games in America. Baseball has varying coverage levels and popularity all over the world. While most people associate the sport with the United States, it has pockets of intense popularity in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Venezuela, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

It competes with cricket in some Caribbean countries and soccer in Central and South American countries (with professional leagues in Mexico and Colombia). Professional Baseball is available in Australia, but not in Europe or Africa. The game is played in some large markets, although there are some notable gaps. With that in mind, what does the sport’s future hold? Will you be able to It competes with cricket in some Caribbean countries and soccer in Central and South American countries (with professional leagues in Mexico and Colombia). Professional baseball is available in Australia, but not in Europe or Africa. The game is played in some large markets, although there are some notable gaps. With that in mind, what does the sport’s future hold? Will you be able to

People are familiar with slam dunks and touchdowns, so teach them about 450-foot home runs, diving catches of 100-mph line drives, and strikeouts from perplexing curveballs. It’s a fantastic game of speed, strength, athleticism, and endurance, but non-fans don’t get it and mark it as “soft” or “boring.”

Having said that, the sport is in excellent health in the United States, as well as the East Asian, Caribbean, and other countries listed above, and the quality is decent, if not excellent, in some of these leagues. Children are playing Baseball in parks and on the streets, and they have the ability to participate in youth baseball.

These programs will not be financially rewarding, but they will provide young people with opportunities to play and produce world-class athletes.

It doesn’t take much to have grassroots baseball, as these countries are demonstrating; we see grassroots cricket and rugby in Europe, so why not Baseball?

When we talk about the regular rise of a baseball game, we also talk about baseball bat racks, baseball bat, baseball balls, baseball helmets, and other baseball equipment. The rising of the game also includes the rising of sports equipment, and it is quite accessible in today’s world that the digitalization makes everything accessible just on our fingertip. There are hundreds of options available if you talk about baseball dugout accessories. Many sports equipment provider supplies online and offline. You can tell them your requirement and ask for customize baseball bats and balls, and helmets, and other dugout stuff for your team.


How to Be A Successful Business Leader

A business can never survive without a leader, but it is also true that it can also not survive without a good business leader. The owner of the business may start the business but how it is going to perform solely depends upon his abilities to lead, organize, motivate and inspire his team.

If he lacks any of the features mentioned above, then there is no way that his business is going to succeed. We can take a lot of business leaders like Bardya Ziaian, who is doing a great job of not only maintaining his business but also inspiring his team.

If you are someone who is starting and have no idea if what a business leader should look like, then read the tips below:

Qualities That A Good Business Leader Have

  • Assessment of Yourself

The most important characteristic of a good leader is that he assesses not only others but also himself. At different intervals during his business, he does a self-evaluation to know more about his shortcomings and his strengths. A good leader always examines his vulnerabilities and tries to improve them as much as possible. 

  • Open to Communication

 A good business leader is always open to communication. He knows that if he wants his team to work well or he wants his business to be unique and with new ideas, then he needs to communicate with his employees. A diligent leader like Bardya Ziaian Toronto always listens to his employees, whether it is about the new ideas or their problems, because he knows his business cannot flourish if his workers are not fine.

  • Open to Risk-Taking

Sometimes being a business owner, you have to make some really risky decisions. But again, if you are not open to risks, how are you going to know if it is right or wrong? A good leader is always open to risk-taking, and his curiosity always makes him do things uniquely.

Tips to Become A Successful Business Leader

  • Understand Others Talent

Everyone works differently and has different ways of thinking. You can instill your idea in them but what they think of your ideas is different. And that is the case with the business teams. You will have a different type of people in your team—all having different points of view and talents. Instead of making them like yourself, try to understand their talents and then plan out what talent is best for what department. In this way, you are using the person at the right place. 

  • Consider Other People

Yep, a good business leader never dumps heaps of work on his employees. Instead, he works the same amount of work more than his employees. You might be the leader of the company, but still, that does not make you God. You need to consider what others think and give them work according to their ability and tolerance. If you start to treat your employees unfairly and instill fear in them, you are never going to be a good business leader in their view.

  • Open to New Suggestion

A successful leader is always open to new suggestions. Take the example of Bill Gates. How he made a billion-dollar business empire. Because he listens to his workers and considers their suggestions and ideas. In this way, a lot of ideas come together and merge to make a new and unique idea, which is fruitful for your business.

  • Be Open to Learn New Things

The learning process of human beings never ends. Every day we learn something new. The same goes for a good leader. He always tries to learn new things and tries to keep his knowledge up to date. In this way, he can use his new knowledge for his business.


A business can only flourish if it is in the ownership of the person who has the capability of leading it and maintaining it. Instill these qualities in yourself and see your business reaching new heights


5 Things You’ll Need to Attract Angel Investors for Your Startup

Do you know what it takes to succeed a startup owner? If you think that all you need is a great idea and a handful of people to sell it to, you have a lot to learn about business. You are going to need a lot more. For starters, you’re going to need cash. One source of that cash is the angel investor.

Angel investors are those who put money into startups at their earliest stages. Some are willing to invest and stay in the background. Others want an active voice in determining the course of the company moving forward. At any rate, you also need more than just a great idea to attract them.

Know that angel investors will do their due diligence before putting money into any project. Sometimes they go so far as to order startup valuation reports from a company like Springville, Utah’s Mezy, Inc. If you want to convince these investors to get on board, you will need at least five things.

1. A Solid Business Model

The Investopedia website defines business model as “a company’s plan for making a profit.” A good plan starts with the products or services a company offers. It goes on to account for a full range of factors including expenses, targeted markets, staffing, and so forth.

You have probably heard the old adage that says failing to plan is planning to fail. It rings true to angel investors. Without a solid business model in place, they are more likely to suspect a startup will fail. They will not invest in such a venture.

2. A Solid Management Team

Angel investors look closely at management teams inasmuch as they are the people who will be primarily responsible for day-to-day success. Successful days are like pennies. They add up. Thus, investors want to know that a startup’s management team is more than capable of handling day-to-day operations. At the same time, they want management teams with a forward-thinking attitude.

3. Existing Momentum

It is one thing to pitch a good idea. It’s another thing to already have momentum behind that idea. That’s where startup valuation reports come in handy. A good report shows that a startup is already moving. It shows that products are being made or services are being offered. Most important, it shows that owners already have skin in the game. This is important to investors.

4. Good Numbers

Startups with momentum already behind them can demonstrate current success through their numbers. In light of that, angel investors look for good numbers based on demonstrable evidence. They want to see a startup is heading in the right direction.

For the record, good numbers do not always translate to profit. In fact, it’s not uncommon for startups to go a year or more without making money. No, good numbers show reasonable losses commensurate with the amount of financial investment required to get a company off the ground. Good numbers also show continual movement toward eventual profit.

5. Good Timing

Finally, timing plays a bigger role in entrepreneurial success than most people realize. An entrepreneur might have an excellent idea whose time has not yet come. Likewise, the time for another idea may already be long passed. Angel investors look at timing as much as business model, solid management, or any of the other factors discussed in this post.

If you are looking to attract investors for your startup, don’t think that a good idea is all you need. You need all five things discussed here. They are the bare minimum for selling investors on your new venture.


These Are The 4 Books About Entrepreneurship That You Must Read This Year

 With the trend of entrepreneurship on the rise, it is no surprise that more and more people are dipping their toe in the world of businesses. Be it startups, freelancers, or various “side hustles,” – these books are all you need to make it big in the business world. 

Success is just a few books away, and with Amazon coupons from ShopCash, you can have these bestsellers at a steal. Fill up your cart today!

The Lean Startup-Eric Ries

Strategies are critical for an entrepreneur’s success. One cannot play with anything by trial and error and must make every step with a strategy. The book Lean Startup by Eric Ries is ideal for grasping the fundamentals of strategy. The author walks future founders through his proposed lean startup approach and assists them in avoiding time waste by recommending best practices—a must-have for all budding entrepreneurs. 

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter

When you are younger, your financial experience might not be as advanced as that of your older competitors, putting you at a disadvantage. Robert Kiyosaki’s book lays down everything you need to read about financial education. The book will shed light on the 9-5 career and the rat race that leaves you stuck in a job you despise to pay off your debts. With just one copy off Amazon, you can be set up for long-term success in all your entrepreneurial ventures. 

The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

If the idea of not getting the necessary skills or resources to start a company has crossed your mind as an ambitious entrepreneur, then this book is for you. In this novel, the author focuses on fifty people who developed businesses that earned $50,000 or more from a small investment (often $100 or less). All of these individuals lacked extraordinary abilities, but they found their personal interests and pursued them.

Rich Woman by Kim Kiyosaki

Kim Kiyosaki accepts the responsibility of informing women worldwide about the power of money and how they, too, can get a piece of it. She encourages women to think about their money and not to have to depend on men for the remainder of their lives. She teaches women of all ages how to make a budget, invest in real estate, stocks, or companies, and how to put their financial skills to good use. It’s a must-have guide from a female-centric outlook and easily around on Amazon. 


How Virtual Events Changed The Event Industry?

Change is but inevitable in all fields of life. In every industry, changes do take place regardless of its type. Like other industries, the event industry is also quite vast and has varying aspects. Large numbers of people and organizations depend upon the event industry for organizing their events. Due to the current situation and also the need for a safe and cost-effective mode of organizing events, events online have become quite popular these days. Since everything is organized through the online mode therefore it proves to be really beneficial for the hosts as well as the participants in the long run. Let us now discuss how virtual events have changed the event industry:-

Opened the way for new opportunities 

Of course, Online Events have paved the way for new and unexplored opportunities for the event industry. The concerned industry has now easy access to countless opportunities that may be used by them in order to expand the given business further. This in turn may allow them to earn more and at the same time keep on making improvements constantly so as to offer a better experience each time to their clients. 

Vast scope

The scope of virtual events is quite vast. It is because the hosts of the events may reach the audiences at a large scale irrespective of their locations. Thus the hosts of the events unhesitatingly contact the event organizers in order to organize their events without the need to think about the physical situations around them. 

Created more and more clients and audiences

Virtual events have created more clients as well as audiences for the event industry. It is because people and organizations have easier access to the online mode as well as the event organizers. They may easily find the organizers in any corner of the world and hence organize their events easily. At the same, large numbers of audiences may get connected to the events without any issues and in a safer manner. All this has proved to be quite beneficial for the event industry as they have more clients and audiences now. 

Assured constancy and regularity 

The constancy and regularity associated with organizing events have also been improved and assured by the virtual events. The reason is quite simple: the event organizers and clients may collaborate with each other right from their respective places at any time and plan the event. The chances of canceling or postponing the events are now reduced and in fact, ruled out to great extents. 

To conclude virtual events do have an impact on the event industry. These have changed the industry for the better. In the long run, these events may prove to be really beneficial for the event industry in numerous ways. 


The Spread Trading Strategy

Spread trading strategies involve the simultaneous sale of a specific security and sale of a related security. This can be done online with established online brokerages like eToro (Tip: A website called discusses about eToro spreads and other related topics. If you’re interested to know more, you check click on this link:  Both securities form the “legs” of the trade. The objective of spread trading is to profit from the difference of the two sales. Typically, the trade is completed in a synchronized manner, and is executed as a single unit.

In spread trading, a trader places Buy and Sell positions on a related asset. It is not encouraged that two options are placed on a single asset, unless you are using two different trading brokers. The basic idea for spread trading is to find two assets with one Up trend line, and another a Down trend line. A Buy spread is placed on the asset that the trend line is Up, and a Sell trade is placed on the asset where the trend line is Down. Both trades are placed at the same time.

Any changes in market conditions will tend to affect both legs. However, volatility for both is significantly reduced as compared to the effect of volatility on the two legs when considered individually.

There are three common types of the spread trading: Calendar Spreads, Inter-Commodity Spreads and Option Spreads.

  • Calendar Spreads- trades that differ only in the delivery date. E.g. Coffee Futures in November and Coffee Futures in December.
  • Inter-Commodity Spread- focuses on the economic relationship between two unlike but of equivalent value commodities. E.g. Gold and silver.
  • Option Spread- involves buying and selling the same stock at varying strike points.

A trader needs to evaluate some key factors before deciding to make use of the spread trading options. Here are some of the notable advantages and challenges of the strategy:


  • Good for beginners as there is less price volatility and prices move less quickly
  • Lower margin rates on spreads in commodity futures
  • Hedging opportunities


  • Less liquid than other trades
  • Much higher transaction costs incurred
  • Limited profit potential

The use of Spread Trading helps reduce exposure to sudden price changes. The use of price spread analysis techniques enables investors to calculate exposure to price volatility in different market assets.

Spread Betting

Spread betting is designed to create a balance on the outcome of a trade. It is a much safer way to trade as investors are the one who decides on the amount to trade, as well as the risk involved for the whole trade duration. As there is the probability of the market changing unexpectedly, trading in high amounts could prove to be risky. Work with spread orders by setting a price limit.

Analyzing Data Matters

Newbies can greatly benefit from techniques in analyzing data for spread trading. They are able to point out sensible strike prices and settlement dates. And this information can be instrumental in reducing exposure to sudden price changes.

It can be noted though that reputable brokers are extremely helpful when it comes to spread trading. Novice traders are able to use trading tools from these brokers, which is helpful in the price comparison of most assets traded on a global scale.

In addition, here are several tips on how you can make the most from the benefits of spread trading:

  1. Take an online course about spread trading. There are plenty of materials online that can help you get started. You can also use demo accounts to practice spread trading before you start investing with real money.
  2. Take a thorough look on which asset to invest in, and on the implication of spread betting on these assets.
  3. Have your own strategy when you apply spread trading. Customize the way you trade to better maximize the outcome for profits.

Top Copper Mines in Canada

Copper has enormous economic importance for a country. Not only copper, but its alloys like Brass, Bronze, and Cupro nickel have significant prominence. The mining of copper has contributed to the economic sector by creating employment opportunities. Recycled copper contributes 30% of the total global utilization of copper.

Canada ranks among the top five countries in the production of 17 minerals and metals. Ontario and British Columbia are the two important producers of copper in Canada. British Columbia transports copper concentrates to Far East Asia for its further processing. 

Copper Mines

Canadian mines produced 543,608 tons of copper in 2019. There are various Canadian copper mining companies including Solaris Resources that together contribute to copper production. Here are the top mines of Canada that have substantial economic significance.

Copper Mountain Mine

The Copper Mountain Mining Corporation has ownership of 75% of this mine, while Mitsubishi Materials Corporation owns the remaining 25%. The open-pit mining method is used for mining. In the 21 years old mine, the mining method includes blast hole drilling, blasting, loading, and hauling. The mine is mineralized with alkalic porphyry deposits. Other commodities along with copper include Gold and Silver. 

Highland Valley Copper Operation

Owned by Teck Resources Ltd., Highland Valley Copper Operation is mined with the open-pit method. The mining method involves autogenous and semi-autogenous grinding and flotation methods. By these processes, concentrates are obtained from ore. In every pot, mining is done on a 15 meters bench. The mine is mineralized with typical porphyry copper-molybdenum deposits. Its commodities include copper and molybdenum.

Sudbury Operation

Owned by Vale Canada Ltd., this mine is mined with both open-pit and underground methods. The mining method includes Mechanized, Post Pillar, and Underhand Cut & Fill. Other methods may include Sub-level caving, Vertical block Mining, and Upper Retreat. The processing techniques involve Floatation, Magnetic Separation, Solvent Extraction & Electrowinning, and Rotary kiln & Electric furnace. The commodities obtained from this mine are Nickel, Copper, Cobalt, Platinum, Palladium, Gold, and Silver.

Red Chris Mine

For mining, the open-pit method is used. Owned by Red Chris Development Company Ltd., the indirect owners are Imperial Metal Corp. and Newcrest Mining Ltd. The 28.3 years old mine is mineralized with alkalic and calc-alkalic porphyry copper deposits. The commodities include copper, gold, and silver.

New Afton Mine

Owned by New Gold Inc., the mine can be mined with both open-type and Underground methods. The mine is deposited with a Silica-saturated, copper-gold alkali porphyry-style deposit. The mining method used in it is block caving. The processing method involves Filter press plant, Dewatering, Inline pressure Jig, Centrifugal concentrator, Gravity separation, Flotation, and Magnetic separation. The commodities obtained from this mine are copper, gold, and silver.


Canada is the fifth-largest copper mine producer in the world. Quebec is the city where the most diversified mining industry is located. Ontario is Canada’s largest minerals and metal producer; therefore, this province has contributed to the Country’s GDP. Canada has a successful history in the field of the mineral sector. The country’s mineral resource governance and sustainable development have supported international trade. Several Canadian companies are working abroad to meet global needs.