Divorce in North Carolina: Tips for sorting child custody

To file for divorce in North Carolina, spouses must be living separately and apart for a year. This doesn’t just mean two bedrooms, but two different residences. Also, there is a residency requirement – either of the spouses must be living in the state for at least six months prior to the divorce. Among other things that a couple may have to discuss and agree upon, child custody is the most serious and emotionally-charged one. If you are unsure of how to deal with the circumstances, your best bet is to talk to a Charlotte child custody lawyer. Find an attorney, who can be personally involved with the divorce and custody battle. Here are some tips for sorting child custody with your spouse. 

1. Read up on state laws

If you have hired an attorney, they will advise on basic aspects of divorce in North Carolina and how you should be handling child custody in your case. Every divorce is unique and has its own problems, and the advice is never generic. 

In North Carolina, the court usually encourages the parents to come to a parenting agreement that’s acceptable to both. You will be requested to discuss and sort things with your spouse, so that unnecessary litigation can be avoided. Also, courts in NC encourage equitable sharing, where both parents have a share in upbringing and wellbeing of the minor child. If the court has to decide on child custody, it will always consider the ‘best interests of the child’. 

2. Consider your child’s wellbeing and preferences

The court may not ask a minor child to come to the courtroom, because it puts the child through unwanted stress and trauma. If you are deciding on child custody with your spouse, you have to think of child’s wellbeing and preferences. Age of the child, specific needs, and other family-related aspects have to be considered in depth. The reason why you need a child custody lawyer by your side is to avoid taking haste decisions. When a lawyer is advising a parent, it always comes from a point of experience and concern. 

3. Open up to communication

Even the courts want you to resolve child custody with your spouse amicably. Negotiation and mediation are must for minimizing friction. If you don’t want to talk to your spouse directly, allow your attorney to take things ahead. You are more likely to resolve concerns when your child custody lawyer is talking. 

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What Is the Additional Premium on ULIPs?

ULIPs are popularly known amongst investors as a way to create wealth for the future. But what if you could increase your investment returns to earn more? The top-up premium facility enables you to do so with a hassle-free process. Apart from the perks of an increased fund investment, you can avail more benefits with this feature. Here’s everything you need to know about additional premium in ULIP policies known as the top-up facility.

What Is Top-up Facility in ULIP?

The top-up premium facility is a feature available under Unit-Linked Insurance Plans where the policyholder can pay an additional amount over and above the annual premium. Now, you might wonder how does this facility benefit you? On paying a surplus amount to your insurance plan, you can increase your coverage amount or invest it into your ULIP fund.

Many a time our insurance requirements change due to increased responsibilities at home. Thus, if you need higher life cover, the top-up premium facility is the way to go. But in case you want to earn greater returns, you can easily dedicate the extra sum towards your investment fund without a worry. Therefore, you decide the end goal of the top-up premium and plan it to suit your long-term goals.

How Does Additional Premium in ULIP Work?

As the top-up premium is paid over the basic premium amount, this surplus is treated as a single premium that gives you additional coverage. Thus, the minimum sum assured you can gain is 125% of the top-up premium for policyholders up to 45 years of age. For individuals above the age of 45 years, the sum assured is 110% of the single premium. This is how your coverage amount can be increased with the top-up facility.

But in the event where you do not want the sum assured to increase but your fund value, then you can pay 25% of your regular premium. This is the capped limit that you can dedicate to your investment to gain lucrative ULIP returns in 10 years.

Things to Remember About Top-Up Facility

Here are some things you should know about the top-up premium facility before opting for it:

  • You can make a surplus payment only up to a certain limit of the total premium that can be paid every year. Your insurer shall have a minimum top-up premium margin mentioned in the ULIP policy documents.
  • This facility is only available to policyholders who make regular premium payments and don’t miss the due date
  • The top-up premium can be made any time during the policy term with zero restrictions
  • Some insurance providers may not allow top-up premium payment in the last five years of the ULIP tenure. But this may vary from one insurer to another.
  • There are some charges associated with ULIP investment that you must pay such as mortality fees and fund management charges. It is recommended to check such charges beforehand as they may differ from insurer to insurer.

Advantages of Top-Up Facility

  1. Increased returns

By pumping an additional amount into your ULIP investment, you can enable your fund to grow to give better returns. A total of 25% of your base premium can be added to your policy fund. To understand how much you can earn with the plan, check out the ULIP returns calculator now!

  1. Higher coverage

In case you have welcomed a newborn into your family, you would prefer increasing your life cover for more security. With the help of ULIP, you can! The top-up facility enables you to get higher coverage to safeguard your loved ones.

  1. Tax perks

The top-up premium paid can be claimed as a deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961 just like your regular premium. Thus, you can save on taxes with such a facility as well.

You must have understood ULIP additional premium meaning with the above-mentioned pointers. Therefore, now you can reap the benefits of adding an extra sum to your ULIP policy. Ensure to check the terms and charges of availing such a facility in advance. Plan your insurance returns today to earn a lucrative payout in the future with the ULIP return calculator!


The Types of Construction Projects Involved in Civil Engineering

Buildings, bridges, roads, canals, railways, and runways are all structures in civil engineering that require construction in part or wholesomely. Depending on the nature of the work to be done to raise these structures, there is the involvement of different construction procedures.

The procedures followed, and activities involved help classify the various construction projects that a business can undertake. This article defines the most common construction projects in civil engineering.

Water Engineering Projects

Water engineering requires the comprehension of the nature of water, water bodies, and its transport channels such as rivers and artificial waterways. This knowledge is then used to engineer structures and projects that help put the water into good use or manage the water to accommodate other constructions.

Simply put, a water engineering project manages the interaction between water and its surroundings. These projects range from the dam building, canals construction, sewerage structures laying, and drainage systems development.

Geotechnical Engineering Projects

Geotechnical engineering projects involve the exploration of soil and rocks to understand their interaction with other fields of civil engineering. Geotechnical engineers interact with different grounds, and their knowledge helps define a productive interaction between the earth and a project.

So, as long as a project interacts with the ground at some point (which is typically any construction project), geotechnics and heavy construction equipment will likely be required. Engineers here technically analyse the behaviour of rocks or soils, survey project sites, review construction proposals, and assess ground safety.

Structural Engineering Projects

As the name suggests, structural engineering involves creating the skeleton of structures as an early step of the construction process. Design is the first and essential step during the construction as it creates a blueprint of what to expect when coming up with the infrastructure piece.

Structural engineering projects are based on creating and maintaining high levels of sustainability, reliability, safety while observing a practical economic sense. Aesthetics is also a critical area of focus for structural engineering projects. Typical machinery used in this industry includes excavator hire, crane leasing and various ground equipment such as skid-steer loaders.

Environmental Engineering Projects

These projects revolve around the environment, especially where the environment is already at high risk and requires care to protect its resources. Environmental protection is done by identifying the problems and then coming up with constructive solutions to the issues. Environmental engineering is essential as it streamlines construction projects to ensure they preserve the environment.

Transport Engineering Projects

Transport engineering projects are concerned with the planning, designing, and monitoring the operation of transports systems. They are mostly aimed at creating fast, reliable, economically viable, and safe transport systems. The various transportation modes, including road, air, water, avail opportunities for such projects.

Civil engineers usually structure their creations around the client’s requirements and preferences while implementing a project. Some of the tasks performed in transport engineering projects include analysis of transport system designs and giving recommendations to other engineers.

Construction makes up a big part of civil engineering. It is a critical activity in the majority of the projects in and around civil engineering. This explains why most of the listed projects above require heavy machinery like excavator hire machinery so as to be accomplished.


Leadership Qualities that Separate Good from Great

In this highly competitive environment, everyone is striving for attaining good enough results. To distinguish oneself from good to be the best is what matters. There is a high need of developing those skills that are very much demanded in the industry today. 

The one who seems successful has faced many hard times too. After passing through so much grind, the person has then become capable of leaving exceptional footprints in his domain to be followed by the others. 

Let’s see how a leader could be the best version of himself. Also, consider reading about Charles Field Marsham, he is one of the business leaders and you can get valuable insights from him.

Clarifying the Complex 

As the leader in the role model to his subordinates. His followers need his assistance at any time of the day. The successful leader is the one who breaks tasks into smaller components. Then give himself and his employees the achievable goals within a particular time frame. 

All of the complex sorts of tasks will then be addressed by the leader. He will make the way easy for his employees. So that they can progress by leaps and bounds. Individual success together contributes to achieving the overall goals of an organization. 

Embracing New Thinking 

Just like the outdated and conventional things soon wipe out. Similar is the case of conventional techniques deployed by the leaders and managers. If they do not invest more in creative thinking and innovative products and services, there will be more chances of them vanishing away from the industry. 

New thinking is not just about launching a new product, making another decision, or setting some business goals, rather it is about embracing new thinking while listening to the critics very patiently. It is sometimes the combination of the patient ear and the wide mouths that set a person on the right path while making all the relevant changes. Follow the footprints of Winston Churchill

Balancing Confidence and Humility 

Great leaders should always act confidently while taking humility. When there is a time for making any decision, they should trust their inner judgments for the development of their business. However, the decisions they make must serve their team in the best possible manner. 

Leaders must have to acknowledge their team’s efforts. Otherwise, they will not feel included. They have to face the challenges together. It is not just the job of one person. 

Avoiding Distractions 

There have been many words of mouth that are only meant to distract the focus of the leader. However, a good leader won’t let it happen. He will rather act firmly. He knows that it is better to take measures following what the research says. 

If you want to learn more, I suggest reading about the Field Marsham Foundation

Final Thoughts 

Every leader has some sort of competitive advantage over other leaders in the market. So, acknowledging the strengths and working on the weaknesses is what makes a person better and then the best among all other people of the same industry. 


How to Be A Successful Business Leader

A business can never survive without a leader, but it is also true that it can also not survive without a good business leader. The owner of the business may start the business but how it is going to perform solely depends upon his abilities to lead, organize, motivate and inspire his team.

If he lacks any of the features mentioned above, then there is no way that his business is going to succeed. We can take a lot of business leaders like Bardya Ziaian, who is doing a great job of not only maintaining his business but also inspiring his team.

If you are someone who is starting and have no idea if what a business leader should look like, then read the tips below:

Qualities That A Good Business Leader Have

  • Assessment of Yourself

The most important characteristic of a good leader is that he assesses not only others but also himself. At different intervals during his business, he does a self-evaluation to know more about his shortcomings and his strengths. A good leader always examines his vulnerabilities and tries to improve them as much as possible. 

  • Open to Communication

 A good business leader is always open to communication. He knows that if he wants his team to work well or he wants his business to be unique and with new ideas, then he needs to communicate with his employees. A diligent leader like Bardya Ziaian Toronto always listens to his employees, whether it is about the new ideas or their problems, because he knows his business cannot flourish if his workers are not fine.

  • Open to Risk-Taking

Sometimes being a business owner, you have to make some really risky decisions. But again, if you are not open to risks, how are you going to know if it is right or wrong? A good leader is always open to risk-taking, and his curiosity always makes him do things uniquely.

Tips to Become A Successful Business Leader

  • Understand Others Talent

Everyone works differently and has different ways of thinking. You can instill your idea in them but what they think of your ideas is different. And that is the case with the business teams. You will have a different type of people in your team—all having different points of view and talents. Instead of making them like yourself, try to understand their talents and then plan out what talent is best for what department. In this way, you are using the person at the right place. 

  • Consider Other People

Yep, a good business leader never dumps heaps of work on his employees. Instead, he works the same amount of work more than his employees. You might be the leader of the company, but still, that does not make you God. You need to consider what others think and give them work according to their ability and tolerance. If you start to treat your employees unfairly and instill fear in them, you are never going to be a good business leader in their view.

  • Open to New Suggestion

A successful leader is always open to new suggestions. Take the example of Bill Gates. How he made a billion-dollar business empire. Because he listens to his workers and considers their suggestions and ideas. In this way, a lot of ideas come together and merge to make a new and unique idea, which is fruitful for your business.

  • Be Open to Learn New Things

The learning process of human beings never ends. Every day we learn something new. The same goes for a good leader. He always tries to learn new things and tries to keep his knowledge up to date. In this way, he can use his new knowledge for his business.


A business can only flourish if it is in the ownership of the person who has the capability of leading it and maintaining it. Instill these qualities in yourself and see your business reaching new heights


How Virtual Events Changed The Event Industry?

Change is but inevitable in all fields of life. In every industry, changes do take place regardless of its type. Like other industries, the event industry is also quite vast and has varying aspects. Large numbers of people and organizations depend upon the event industry for organizing their events. Due to the current situation and also the need for a safe and cost-effective mode of organizing events, events online have become quite popular these days. Since everything is organized through the online mode therefore it proves to be really beneficial for the hosts as well as the participants in the long run. Let us now discuss how virtual events have changed the event industry:-

Opened the way for new opportunities 

Of course, Online Events have paved the way for new and unexplored opportunities for the event industry. The concerned industry has now easy access to countless opportunities that may be used by them in order to expand the given business further. This in turn may allow them to earn more and at the same time keep on making improvements constantly so as to offer a better experience each time to their clients. 

Vast scope

The scope of virtual events is quite vast. It is because the hosts of the events may reach the audiences at a large scale irrespective of their locations. Thus the hosts of the events unhesitatingly contact the event organizers in order to organize their events without the need to think about the physical situations around them. 

Created more and more clients and audiences

Virtual events have created more clients as well as audiences for the event industry. It is because people and organizations have easier access to the online mode as well as the event organizers. They may easily find the organizers in any corner of the world and hence organize their events easily. At the same, large numbers of audiences may get connected to the events without any issues and in a safer manner. All this has proved to be quite beneficial for the event industry as they have more clients and audiences now. 

Assured constancy and regularity 

The constancy and regularity associated with organizing events have also been improved and assured by the virtual events. The reason is quite simple: the event organizers and clients may collaborate with each other right from their respective places at any time and plan the event. The chances of canceling or postponing the events are now reduced and in fact, ruled out to great extents. 

To conclude virtual events do have an impact on the event industry. These have changed the industry for the better. In the long run, these events may prove to be really beneficial for the event industry in numerous ways. 


How To Lead A Small Business Successfully?

Small business refers to the privately-owned corporation, sole proprietorship, or partnership that employs fewer employees due to less revenue generation. No one can predict when a small business can bring a revolutionary change in the marketing sector in the upcoming time ahead.

Successful entrepreneurs like Richard Warke collaborated with the team and as a result he’s able to establish several businesses. Small businesses are started on a low-cost or part-time basis. But if the business is expanded consistently with strategic planning, then the small business can turn into a large business.

How To Lead A Small Business?

Now, you will be able to understand how a small business is different from a large business. Whether it is a large business or a small business, growth is the common factor in every business. Richard Warke net worth shows that he is one of the successful business leaders and he gained it from being an effective leader. Following are the tips for leading and growing a small business successfully;

Focus on Customer Service

A customer will never utilize your services again if they had a bad experience. Leaders should discuss the latest customer data and their interest with the team. The company should focus on improving its services to gain positive feedback. Also, the company should respond to the customer’s doubts and queries to provide them a better experience.

Expand the Marketing Schemes

Effective marketing plans can increase the number of sales. Businesses can take the help of newspapers or online platforms for promotional activities. Business partnerships will also be beneficial for cross-promotion. The company should focus on providing free workshops for their products and services. Several researchers have found that most consumers now research online before buying. Therefore, online promotional activities should be influential.

Strengthen Online Presence

Well, building an online presence is part of promotional activities but has colossal significance. Several social media apps show ads to promote small businesses and get a good number of insights. To achieve this, the company has to make its online presence effective by forwarding catchy logos, brand names, and contact details. Building and optimizing a website is a good option.

Hire Good Managers and Employees

The hiring process should be done effectively to raise the morale of existing employees. You need to hire skillful managers and employees for the long-term growth of the business. After the hiring process, they will be working for the company’s goals together with collaboration. This will be beneficial for the company to reach the goal earlier than expected. 

Focus on Planning and Training

Business planning is a strategic tool, and its objective is to plan every step. No one knows which step can toss you backward; therefore, planning is crucial. Even leaders go through several training sessions to learn new sets of skills. Jeff Bezos is truly an inspiration for several new entrepreneurs. All the staff in the company should be professionally trained for skill development which can help in goal accomplishment.


For its growth, small businesses have to come into the field of competition. Therefore, the main profit factor to stand out in the competition should be customer service. Positivity and motivation are crucial in every sector. To achieve your goal, you need to work consistently and dedicatedly. Learning from experience should be the primary task to lead a small business successfully. 


7 Amazing Reasons to Build and Lead a Company

Building a business is a mindset. And you can make it only if you have that burning desire to build something. Besides there are various bright sides you should consider to bring the spark out of you to build a business.

  •  You’re the Boss

You’re going to choose who needs to accompany you and where you need to invest your wealth, time, and energy. And there are no deadlines as well. For corporate employees, deadlines are not less than nightmares, and it’s even worse when you have a nasty boss. Building a business makes you fly, and it’s you who decide when to set deadlines, whom to meet and when to work. 

However, to be a successful entrepreneur, you should learn the lessons suggested by successful entrepreneurs like Shady Elhami.

  •  You’re financial independent 

The delay in salary may cause you several harms.

Maybe, you will be fined for late payment of your monthly installment, or you will miss your SIP. When you’re not into the business, you need to have various sources of income to fulfill your needs. Owning a business gives you full control over your salary as well as business expenses.

  • You discover yourself

The beauty of building a business is you discover yourself. Every hurdle unleashes new doors. And when you go through them, you discover yourself closely! Your favorite role could be picking people who will be there for you in this life-changing journey. We suggest you to go through the posts of Maged Elhami, if you want to learn about making and managing a successful team.

  • You create something that you love

Most business ideas thrived when the owner identified their substantial value in the market. Nothing comes easy, but it surely falls into its place when you work passionately. The perks of building a business are you tirelessly work what you love to hone your product that delivers value.

  •  You become accountable

The benefits of building a business are numerous in both professional as well as personal life. You become responsible and try to observe every spot through a different lens. This helps you to develop a new perspective that urges you to be an entrepreneur in every phase of your life. You become accountable and deal with problems to learn for a better cause. To learn more about the skills of how to lead a company, you can read the biography of Jeff Bezos

  •  You offer jobs

You support yourself as well as others when you run a business. Your business becomes a valuable asset and to expand it, you hire like-minded and talented folks. This is how you put it in an automation mode and support others financially by compensating them. 

  •  You learn lifetime lessons

This ride will be full of ups and downs. However, witnessing it growing from scratch is a priceless experience. The books stored on your bookshelf don’t teach you a life lesson, but people who you meet do. Your connections, networks, responsibilities, failures, and more in the journey teach and shape you in many ways. 

Final Words

When you build a business, happiness should be your secret source. And this journey is worth experiencing that it offers a lot. Remember, business always opens new doors when other ones are closed. Just hustle and let the universe do its job.


What is Salesforce Knowledge Base

It’s much easier to get the information you need from a trusted source than looking for an answer in search engines. It is for this purpose that the knowledge base is used. With the useful information, employees, customers, partners and other people involved in the company’s activities will receive quick answers to their questions.

Administrators play a leading role here. They decide on the need for access to certain data by using the capabilities of the system. Administrators make decisions about how useful information is to a particular user.

Using community cloud services

Companies that provide all kinds of services are often faced with the need to provide answers to users’ questions. To remove such a task from the employees, it is worth creating your own Salesforce communities knowledge base. The knowledge management in Salesforce system will allow you to provide the necessary information on the first request and improve the customer (partner) experience.

Articles that answer various questions require a clear statement of facts and practical advice. In a difficult situation a user must quickly find the right information. For this reason, you have to monitor the relevance of the information in the base.

Advantages of using knowledge articles and Salesforce base include:

  1. Quick search. Instant access to the necessary information allows users to solve their problems without asking the company employees for help.
  2. Usefulness. To assess the usefulness of an article, there is a function of text assessment. A low score indicates a need to make changes.
  3. Easy access. Useful articles are posted on the platform, which means that if necessary, a user just needs a mouse click.

The knowledge base is an indispensable tool that greatly simplifies communication. Add useful hashtags, analyze articles ratings and use the experience cloud with greater benefit. Sharing useful news has never been so easy!

Platform for knowledge articles Salesforce offers

The implementation of the Salesforce case articles takes a long time. This is due to the fact that the choice of the optimal option is carried out very carefully. The implementation of the project largely depends on the meticulousness of Advanced Communities, the database creators and the requirements.

The best option corresponds not so much to the ideas of the organization as of the users of a certain resource. Users should be able to access useful information with one click. To do this, use hashtags or set up a keyword search.

The rating of the articles usefulness, which is created bases on the articles value, will save users’ time. Reading a worthless article wastes precious time. Use different options, and only then you will be able to choose one model.

The article management Salesforce offers to implement will help you divide articles into categories for users to search for them efficiently and quickly. Customers and partners won’t have to study masses of information to solve their problem. It is enough to create a suitable catalog and add all the existing categories to it.

Modern problems require instant solutions, and if this is not the case, then visitors may give preference to another supplier.


Here’s How to Find the Perfect Life Insurance

Do you Believe in Perfection? Here’s How to Find the Perfect Life Insurance

Our family matters to us the most, and we would never want them to suffer. We would always try to do whatever is in our hands to protect our family from any difficult situation. The family members will always rely on us, the earning members. It is important to ensure that our family has financial support in the unforeseen event of our demise.

We don’t usually anticipate our deaths and don’t plan for any backups for our children’s education and other financial needs of the family. To have a savings plan for the future with a constant flow of money is essential in this case. But how to achieve that? By knowing how to choose life insurance that offers the best security for your future.

Life insurance pays out an assured sum either on the death of the insured person or after the completion of a set period. It is very inexpensive and a simple method to ensure the financial security of your loved ones.

As defined by the dictionary, ‘life insurance is a financial product that pays you or your dependents a sum of money either after a set period or upon your death as the case may be.

Why is taking life insurance is essential?

No matter how much you have managed to save or what your income is, an unforeseen event can burn a hole in your pocket! It is essential to be ready for any and every kind of situation and ensure the financial security of your loved ones. Let’s see some of the reasons why taking life insurance is essential.

  • It Ensures Family’s Financial Stability

Even though no amount of money can compensate for losing a loved one, having life insurance would save them from going through financial hardship. To secure your family’s financial future and your loved ones, you must cover yourself and your family with an adequate amount of insurance.

  • It Brings Peace of Mind and Reduces Stress During Difficult Times

The premium you pay for your insurance is the price that guarantees that the insurance company will cover the damage in case of an unforeseen event. And that guarantee of risk coverage brings you peace of mind. Knowing in times of distress that your family is financially secured reduces stress.

  • A Legacy to Leave Behind

A lump-sum death benefit can secure the financial future for your children and family. It will help in protecting their standard of living.

How to choose the right life insurance plan?

Now that we know why it’s essential to take a life insurance plan, let’s see how to choose life insurance. To do this, you need to ask yourself about your requirements and purchase a product that works for your family and insurance premiums that fit your budget.

You need to ask yourself three major questions to figure out what type of life insurance would work the best in your situation.

1. Your Family and Work Situation

Your family situation, your age, your health situation, and whether you are an owner or self-employed will influence your insurance needs.

Life insurance is important for everyone. In the event of your demise, your loved ones will have to pay your funeral expenses and pay off your financial liabilities, such a debt. Having insurance coverage will reduce the burden on your family members. Sharing responsibilities like credit card fees, your lease, your car payment, etc., will also become easier.

2. Life Goals

Your personal, family and professional goals will also determine the choice of your life insurance. Do you plan on having children? What are your career goals? At what age would you like to be retired? These questions will help you evaluate how much life insurance you should take out to protect your loved ones in the event of your demise.

3. Coverage Type

You have thought about your life goals and situations. Now you need to figure out what type of life insurance is best for you.

Do you need short-term or long-term coverage? Do you want coverage to generate liquidity and surrender value that you can use to reach your goals? On answering these questions, you will choose the life insurance plan that works best for you.

The important thing is to choose the right life insurance plan according to your budget and needs. Over the years, your needs, family situations, and life goals will evolve. When that happens, it will be time for you to re-evaluate the right type of insurance for yourself to ensure you are covered properly.

Types of life insurance

When looking to get life insurance, the choices are aplenty. Wondering how to choose life insurance plans that suit you the best? We’ve got you covered! Let’s see the various types of life insurance plans.

1. Term Plan

In case of an untimely death of the family’s breadwinner, the family members are supported with enormous amounts of money, best known for sums assured at a low premium. The money could be utilised to pay off the loan, monthly household expenses, etc.

2. Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP)

Best known for long-term investment options with much more investment flexibility, you have the option to invest either in equity, debt or hybrid with this plan. 

3. Endowment Plan

Long-term financial planning and opportunity to earn returns on maturity, this plan is well known for a long-term saving option for people with a much lower risk appetite for investment. 

4. Money Back

This is a short-term investment product to meet short-term financial goals. You have an opportunity to earn returns on maturity with this life insurance plan.

5. Whole Life Insurance

This plan provides lifelong protection to the insured and an opportunity to leave behind a legacy for heirs.

6. Child’s Plan

This life insurance plan helps in fulfilling your child’s dream. It helps in building funds for your child’s future. This plan provides annual instalments or one-time payout after the age of 18 years.

7. Retirement Plan

This plan helps in building a corpus for your retirement. A retirement plan is a great way to plan out your retirement and to build long-term savings. 

After going through the various types of life insurances, you can figure out which one suits your needs and situation the best. You can ask yourself the questions mentioned above and tally which life insurance plan answers the questions the best!