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The Better Business Deals with the Sales Gamification as Per Your Requirement


Whether you like video games or not, in 2018, you can no longer ignore the impact of games on e-commerce.If we only take into account last year’s sales, the turnover of the gaming industry has reached more than 50 billion euros. And that’s only the beginning. According to analysts’ projections, these figures will continue to climb in the years to come.

More and more companies are now looking to integrate game logic into their marketing strategy. The term gamification is more and more widespread and everyone wants his piece of cake.

By the way, we are willing to bet that you’ve played at least once in a game organized by a brand.

Gamification: Definition

How to define gamification?

Gamification uses the mechanics of video games to apply them to users of a site in order to engage them and interact with your brand.

Most often, this involves the use of social networks that can humanize the relationship with your audience. This is even more effective when rewards and / or recognition sigens of participants are at stake.

Have you ever used Foursquare to “check-in” in a restaurant or building and unlock a badge that you can then show on other social networks? Do you accumulate loyalty points at businesses in your city to get free products? Do you ever post messages on internet forums for distinctions associated with a certain level of experience? With the perfect sales gamification this is the perfect detail for you.

If you answered yes to one of these proposals, it is because you are already experiencing gamification in your everyday life.According to a recent study by Gartner, 40% of 1,000 companies surveyed confirmed that they would use a gamification process for their business operations by 2015.The gamification is gone to last, let’s see some ways to use it for your own online store.

Reward Your Customers for Using Your Services

One of the main pitfalls of gamification is to underestimate your customers.Sending a nice thank you card after an important purchase is no longer enough to create a quality experience and a positive feeling towards your brand. If you want your customers to bite the hook, you have to give them something concrete.The right method always revolves around the idea of ​​a price that your customers can get if they perform certain actions.

For example, you could simply reward them with points when they place an order on your site. Just like in video games, you can create intermediate steps (even fictitious) where your customers receive rewards when they reach a certain level. Whenever a customer reaches a higher level, send him his gift prize. No need to offer a physical gift: a gift certificate, a discount coupon will be enough.

Display the client’s progress on the site through charts, points, and images to symbolize their progress. Being able to gain a level by placing an order creates a psychological incentive for your customer who will prefer to buy on your site to unlock his benefits.

Gamification and Social Networks

Social networks are globally an excellent way to capitalize on the trends of gamification in e-commerce.