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5 Best Sales Careers and Jobs to Apply for

Sales Careers and Jobs

All sales are final!

Nothing beats the feeling of euphoria that comes after a sale is closed, especially if there is a hefty commission attached to it.

Do you find yourself thinking about a career move to sales? Sales can encompass many professional aspects ranging from real estate, insurance, and software to name a few.

If you find yourself curious as to what the best sales careers are then keep reading. We’ll go over the five best sales jobs to apply for.

1 . Travel Agents Make for the Best Sales Careers

With everything being online nowadays, it may surprise you to find out travel agents are still around. It may surprise you, even more, to find out they are a sales job.

As a travel agent, you’ll find yourself traveling in your client’s shoes. Booking an experience tailored to their needs. Talk about a quick getaway.

Travel agents earn $40,660 on average.

2 . Real Estate Agent

You will need to obtain a real estate license for your state to even think about selling a home. To earn a license you’ll find yourself needing to complete a real estate course that typically lasts 6 weeks, but may vary by state, and culminates with you passing an exam.

Some skills you’ll need to succeed are knowing your market, organizing appointments and walk-throughs, negotiations, and understanding the needs of others.

Real estate agents earn $50,730 on average.

3 . Advertising Sales Agent

You’ll be selling ads. A mixture of marketing and sales, this sales job is sure to get your creativity flowing.

Your sale could land your pitch on a billboard, commercial, or even working with influencers.

Advertising sales agents earn $53,310 on average.

4 . Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Rep.

As a wholesale and manufacturing sales representative, your job will be to sell or buy goods in bulk.

You will be working for manufacturers, suppliers, and retail chains. Your main goal will be to produce the supplies that meet your clients’ demands.

Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives earn $63,000 on average.

5 . Sales Manager

As a sales manager, it will be your responsibility to oversee your sales department.

You will be the one to make sure quotas are met for each individual as well as the department as a whole. Your responsibilities will also include setting new goals, training, and staff development.

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Sales managers earn $126,640 on average.

A Great Beginner’s Guide to Your Future Success

As a salesperson, having strong communication skills will be your foot in the door. You will also need to have the dedication to follow through with a lead from a possible cold call to closing.

A personal interest in any of the aforementioned best sales careers can be a leg up on the competition. An active interest in what you are selling can mean you have more information and will be able to compete with those doing the bare minimum.

If a career in sales piques your interest, then our suggestion is to aim high. This article should be a great beginner’s guide to your future success.

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