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Looking At Your Patient’s Ability To Call You


You are a doctor, and your patients depend on you to give them the best care possible. Part of that is being able to get in touch with you when they are in a nursing, assisted home, or hospice care. You must have a system in place where they can leave a message and get a callback. Of course, it may be after hours, but being able to reach you is important in case their condition changes or they need another prescription of their medication. You will be able to get the message to help your patients get what they need as their primary care provider.

Looking At Call Systems

You need any Home Care 24 Hour Medical Answering service that will get your calls to you. This would be a reliable service that would take your messages and get them to you right away. It does not matter if you are on call or at your private practice. If your patient is in respite or continuous care and needs assistance you will be able to help them. These services are designed to help you deal with those patients that need special care and can not function without it. Some of them have needs where their medicines have to be taken regularly, and you are needed to give the go ahead with getting that prescription taken care of and putting it on automatic refill so that it won’t be an issue again. Plus, if your patients are having issues and are living in a nursing home, someone can get them to you after making an appointment so that they can get the care they need. Having an answering service really takes the load off of your other phone lines, and that allows for everyone needing to reach with the ability to do so.

The Cost Of An Answering System

More than likely you will be billed every month for using the answering system. That means that you could pay anywhere from $250 to $400 a month depending on the number of calls you get. Also, it depends on what you have in terms of a package concerning your call system. They are each priced differently according to what you get. It may be a bit expensive if you add texting to it or a chat service. If you believe that having that give your patients flexibility in reaching you, then go for it. You know best what type of answering service will work for you and should use every available technology at your disposal so that your patients can get what they need. It’s your call as to what you feel works best, and that could get you more business for your practice if your patients see that you care.

Getting an answering system to help you keep in touch with your patients is critical to health and well-being. Whatever system you choose, you must make sure it’s worth your while. Remember that your patients really need you.