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Cloud Storage: Why It Is Number One for Small Business


If your business has ever succumbed to an online emergency then you will know how horrible it is. The stress of data loss due to cybercrims, hardware failures, human error, loss of device or software issues is palpable, and has unfortunately led to the downfall of many a modern business!

We Aussies don’t have to look too far to see just how costly a data compromise can be for big business. Now, consider just how much more disastrous it can be for a smaller business without the resources to quickly recover – it’s an unpleasant thought we would like to avoid.

Thankfully, small businesses have world class cloud storage in their corner. This solution has easily become the best security system for small business owners. You can enjoy the safety of offsite security whilst knowing you have an advanced, highly-scalable solution at your disposal.

Here are five reasons why the best cloud storage Adelaide has is ideal for small businesses:

1. Enhanced security

    In-house data and system security can be a real nightmare. Thankfully, this solution exists to integrate these functions and ensure security measures and updates are a top priority. This, in turn, alleviates the stresses of staff maintenance whilst allowing them to focus more on their acquired roles.

    Your provider will have a team of round-the-clock experts on-hand to manage security concerns, systems and technologies. They work hard to ensure your business is always safe from threats whilst ensuring your team can focus on their objectives!

    2. Better standards

    Unfortunately, many small business owners still overlook proper identity management practices for accounts, passwords and permissions. Poorly-configured can make your business more susceptible to sneaky cybercriminals who want nothing more than to gain access to your critical information.

    But with the best cloud provider in your corner you can enjoy the peace of mind that your team is administering strict management and provisioning systems that ensure access is only granted to the right people.

    3. Data encryption technology

    Encryption is an essential security element that assists in reducing the effect of a breach. It does this by ensuring that nefarious cybercrims can’t access your sensitive information or de-encrypt the files they stole. What’s more, encrypting traffic between networks assists in ensuring that cybercriminals can’t intercept or eavesdrop on your critical information when in-transit.

    4. Comprehensive service

    Cloud providers exist to provide the services that many small businesses simply cannot handle alone. This includes top class disaster recovery solutions, centralised logging, endpoint protection, strictly managed access controls and more. Furthermore, they can also attract and retain expertise in computing, operations and security because it’s what they exist to do!

    5. Patch management

    Cyberattacks typically occur due to unpatched system weaknesses. This comes as little surprise, especially when you consider that there are thousands of vulnerabilities reported every year. Small businesses with in-house IT staff often struggle to keep up with these vulnerabilities and this leaves the business susceptible to disaster.

    As a small business owner, you may have realised that it is very expensive to enlist a dedicated in-house IT team that can manage these threats. Thankfully, cloud storage exists to ensure that your business is handling any unwanted threats from bad actors and other situations.

    The last thing you want is for a disaster to occur because you were unable to keep up with threats. They will ensure that your team is freed-up from managing an often-overwhelming threats whilst providing enhanced security for your business!