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3 Tips for Effective Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is one of the best ways to target specific audiences and drive conversions. Here, we’ll go over three easy tips that can help you find success using this platform.

Promote a wide range of content

The first mistake many companies make is strictly treating their Facebook ad as an isolated unit of marketing that only exists to drive traffic to their website. While that might be a successful strategy from a conversion standpoint, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to build brand awareness and increase your following by sharing more content than just a link to buy a product or download an app.

You can also promote company updates, blog posts, or other interesting pieces of information that may not be relevant for the buying process but are valuable to followers anyway. If you’re promoting an app, you can promote related content as well.

The approach here is to use the ad itself to give your followers a taste of something that piques their interest but entices them to check out more. This way, they’ll return to your Facebook page whenever updates are posted and visit your website through organic search results.

Build a well-optimised landing page for all ads

Another big mistake companies make with Facebook is having no cohesive landing page strategy. If you’re driving traffic to your website and leaving it at that, you could end up in trouble if the ad doesn’t match what visitors expect to see when they arrive. This can be confusing and can lead users to click away before they convert.

On top of that, it gives people who land on your website no idea what you’re offering and why they should stick around. That’s a lost opportunity for engagement (and future page visits).

So what do we do? First, collect data from the ad experience itself in order to personalize the landing page experience than using your website builder or third party tool to create a web experience to enhance this click-through. For example, if a user installs an app or downloads a whitepaper with one of your ads, you can use Facebook’s custom audiences feature to target them specifically once they land on your website–and raise their expectations based on what they already did on Facebook.

Consider content relevance when ranking posts

Facebook has a powerful algorithm that ranks each post in the users’ news feed according to how interesting and engaging it is. While this isn’t something you can control, you should know that there are millions of posts published on Facebook each day. Without clear distinctions about what’s most valuable, many posts will be forgotten before they ever get read.

One way to help make your content stand out is by promoting it on your own social profiles and sharing it with friends, followers, and family members. That way, you can appear higher in every user’s newsfeed (and give them even more of a reason to like your content). You’ll also notice that Facebook’s algorithm will start to increase your rank in the newsfeed over time due to the increased engagement you’re generating on Facebook.


With these three tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating unique and engaging Facebook marketing campaigns to drive leads. If you’re looking for assistance setting any of these up we recommend contacting a local digital agency, such as if you’re in Western Australia a trusted Facebook advertising agency in Perth will get you up and running in no time with optimised campaigns.