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Everything You Should Know About Workplace Discrimination

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Workplace discrimination and harassment is a very serious and nasty issue. No matter the sector, workers in New Jersey can be fired by employers without any notice. However, the grounds of firing have to be valid. Firing a worker because of factors such as gender, age, disability, HIV/AIDS, pregnancy, race, and ethnicity are not just invalid, but also illegal.

Employers and management might take the cases of unlawful firing and discrimination lightly because the law is misunderstood. They think that firing an employee without a valid reason is legal, but it’s not. The employees, on the other hand, should know that the state has made many laws to protect their rights.

If you, as an employee, feel that your superiors are discriminating against you or your colleagues are ganging up on you because you look or sound different, you must contact a New Jersey discrimination lawyer to understand your rights.

Why approach a lawyer?

Discrimination and sexual harassment at work are punishable offenses. You need a lawyer to guide you, evaluate your case, and file a lawsuit against the guilty in court. Besides, only reputable lawyers can inform you whether or not your case will be accepted by the court in the first place.

The cases that aren’t considered illegal firing include the following.

  1. If you were fired because of underproductivity.
  2. If you were fired because you weren’t punctual.
  3. If you were fired because you were creating a toxic work environment.

A reputable lawyer will accept genuine cases of discrimination only. However, there’s a proper procedure that the employee should follow.

  1. If you are being harassed in any way, you should first report the issue to the management and HR.
  2. If superiors fail to take action, then you should approach a discrimination lawyer.

Lawyers evaluate the copy of the formal complaint you raised in your office and speak with other employees who might have been facing discrimination on grounds similar to yours. Once they study the case and collect the proof that you were indeed facing issues, they file a lawsuit against the employer/company.

What compensation does the employee get?

An experienced lawyer ensures that the employees who have faced discrimination or have been unlawfully fired get justice in the following ways:

  1. They’re given their jobs back.
  2. In case they don’t want to work in the same company anymore, they are paid a fair amount for their economic losses and emotional trauma.
  3. For the harassed employees who are still working in the company, the lawyer makes sure that the company has to pay a huge amount for the negligence of the emotional assault.

In a nutshell, a skilled discrimination lawyer represents an extensive range of discrimination and harassment cases. Do contact them if you’re facing such problems at your workplace and want justice.