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5 Cutting-Edge Real Estate Management Softwares

Real Estate Management Softwares

Property management involves lots of data and reports. With this, property managers are always concerned about accuracy and efficiency. You can achieve this with the help of real estate management software. They promote efficiency and productivity.

The property management solutions streamline and automate day-to-day property owners and landlords’ responsibilities.

Nonetheless, choosing the best property management software can be a challenge. This is mainly due to so many choices in the market. Here is a compilation of our best five options.

AppFolio Property Management Software

AppFolio is an all-in-one solution. You can count on it for your accounting, leasing, and marketing needs.

The software accommodates single-family, student housing, and commercial property managers.

The cloud-based software gives you instant access to statement data and reports. Also, it allows you to post vacancy ads on listing sites while observing the IDX integration policy. With AppFolio, you can respond to leases and rental applications online.


ResMan is designed with the users’ needs in mind. It comes with different tools that streamline and automate critical property management tasks. It is highly recommendable for multifamily property management.

With this software, property managers can access the necessary data. This, in return, allows them to make sound and strategic decisions.

Flexible integrations and accounting features characterize ResMan. It works by automating the management of ledgers and account receivables and payables. Even better, users can create reports on the properties’ financial performance.

With Resman, property managers can organize, secure, and fast access to data. In return, they can come up with automated tasks for each team.


This real estate software is designed to help property owners to expand their tenants’ base with minimal efforts. The solution includes an advertising option. This allows users to market their properties on listing sites.

Hemlane is a cloud-based solution. Its features make it easier for property managers to build relationships with agents when selling and maintaining properties. In return, this allows them to reduce their workload and save time.


What we love most about monday.com is that it promotes communication and collaboration. It works perfectly, even for individuals working remotely. The solution has bi tools that allow you to store information in a single hub for fast accessibility.

The tools allow teams to collaborate and make property management decisions together. We also love how this software assembles and displays data in an easy-to-understand manner. This makes it easier for everyone in the team to keep track of projects.


Buildium is known for creating quality solutions with the customers’ needs in mind. The software accommodates residential properties and property owners with at least 50 units.

Buildium comes with varying tools. These include property inspection, rent collection, tenant screening services, and accounting tools. It is super easy to use and features self-help tools so that you can use it seamlessly even as a beginner.

Which Is the Best Real Estate Business Software for You?

Each of the real estate management software above comes with some pros and cons. Take your time to understand each solution before selecting one that meets your needs.

If you wish to venture into the real estate industry, keep reading our articles for insightful tips.