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Top 4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Answering Services


Answering services are a great resource for companies, but that’s only if the right one is chosen. When you select an after hours service to take calls for your business, you must do it with careful consideration. You will be entrusting a third party to answer calls for your company, with the hopes that they’ll treat your customers with care.

With that said, here are some suggestions for choosing answering services:

The Right Staffing

Answering phone calls is not everybody’s ideal job. However, it’s crucial to know how a telephone answering service recruits and manages its workers, and how the organization handles a spike in call volume. If the callers have to struggle with long waiting periods, or if the secretaries are constantly quitting, that’s bad for business.

Plus, if no one seems to know how to treat your particular callers, or if they’re not friendly and competent on the phone, the service will not benefit you. Before making a decision, figure out the type of training the callers receive, the answering service’s organizational philosophy, and what qualities the organization strives for when recruiting and maintaining employees.

This is especially important when choosing a medical answering service. Patients who are sick and not feeling their best deserve to be treated with extra care.

Trustworthiness and Security

It’s important that you ask questions about the reliability of their phone connections and what procedures they provide in the event of a power failure. Incidents will happen, but you want a business that has your needs in mind and can do anything to make sure that your calls are still answered.

You will want a constructive rather than a reactive business. Choose one that has taken the required security steps to avoid wire invasions into communications and data security breaches.

The Answering Service’s Reputation

Has the company received positive feedback, reviews, and recommendations from their client base for telephone answering services? Have they earned any awards from professional organizations or achieved certifications? These factors indicate how trustworthy a certain business is.

You might also take into consideration along with reputation, how long the firm has been in operation and who controls the company. When choosing answering services, all of these facts contribute to how well the business will treat your customers.

High Compliance Standards

Will the firm meet with local, state, and federal laws and carry business protection for the telephone answering service? If you’re thinking of using an out-of-state or a nationwide telephone answering service provider, this is important to consider.

Will the phone answering provider be HIPAA compliant if you need a medical answering service? The last thing you want is the details leaked or threatened in any manner by your client.

Choosing Answering Services That Fit Your Company

Choosing answering services for your business is a big decision. However, if you follow the tips above, you should select an answering service that’s just right for your company.

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