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About Standard Online Help Desk


The best way to manage the company’s help desk is to run it online. Using such a platform, you will be able to master all client requests all together, no matter where they came from. As we know, enquiries from buyers may be received via phone, e-mail, chat, social networking sites, as well as social customer portal. In order to manage all these channels of information, you can use bpm’online, a CRM platform. This cloud-based application offers businesses a wide range of tools for full-cycle service management, including a functional and user-friendly online help desk. Let us have a closer look at the way this system works.

Operation of Support Service Software

The services like bpm’online are in most cases include a number of necessary constituents, the most important of which are:

Tickets. It is a support request sent by a customer to the company’s employees. A patron can submit any ticket – an issue, a query, a feature request, an appreciation or just a greeting. As a rule, buyers send their requests by email, chat, or social networking sites. When the specialists of the online help desk receive a message, the system converts these letters into tickets. As for replies, they are added to the ticket, which already exists.

Categories. Figuratively speaking, it is a container that lets the system organize the tickets. Compare it to the folder on your computer – it is a convenient place for keeping all the pieces of information all together, assorted and investigated. Categorization of tickets allows the support service team work more effectively and quickly.

Technicians. These are the specialists who handle clients’ requests and communicate with them. Technicians or, as they are also called, “techs” or “agents” should know the way the company works, as well as the characteristics of the support service software they use.

Standard Online Help Desk Ticket Life Cycle

Normally, these systems operate in the following way:

  1. A client submits a ticket to the customer support service. For this purpose, both web-interface and email can be used. The specialists of the company receive the request in the helpdesk-monitored mailbox.
  2. The system informs the team about a new ticket through electronic mail or by other channels (SMS or push messages to their handsets).
  3. The agent of the online help desk makes a note that he has “taken over” this ticket. It is the right way to show other technicians that he is going to handle this issue himself.
  4. Interaction between the specialist and the customer can occur when:
  • adding replies and updates inside the same ticket;
  • attaching necessary enclosures (files, etc.);
  • involving other people to the discussion (when necessary);
  • in rare cases – escalating the issue to another specialist.
  1. When the issue is resolved, the agent or the customer closes the ticket. Sometimes, the request can be added to the knowledgebase. The latter can be edited by the specialists, if necessary.

Tasks Solved by Online Help Desk

A profitable and functional platform should meet certain criteria. Take this fact into account when choosing a suitable customer service software. As for bpm’online, it has the following key features:

  • Tracking the requests and keeping the specialists informed. The members of the support service team can share, supervise, and submit the clients’ requests. Besides, they can manage their own answers to the tickets, as well as the responses of their colleagues. With the use of customized data panels a company’s employees can review all pending issues in no time.
  • Timetable scheduling. A good online help desk should have a calendar. It is necessary for scheduling issues, customers’ requests, as well as specialists’ answers. It is also useful for setting up the dates for the tickets, which do not require immediate responses. For instance, you can create a reminder about upgrading or installing new software, set it up for 2 p.m. Monday, and you will never forget about this task.
  • Presence of a convenient knowledge base. If your online help desk includes a knowledge base, all the above mentioned problems and issues will be resolved much faster and easier. The specialists of your team will be able to find common solutions of the previous requests and use them, if they are likely to come up again. Moreover, having studied the system’s knowledge base you’ll prevent all possible problems from reoccurring. Such a databank will include possible answers to some of the most widespread issues, so that the members of the customer service will have no difficulties when handling most tickets.