Hiring Expert Marketing Services Will Make a Huge Difference

Marketing is a very important aspect of your business. When you want to have the most success possible, it is important to present your company in the right light. When you have good marketing, you are going to be more likely to attract new customers or clients. This is why hiring an expert marketing service can really make a huge difference for your business model.

Getting Marketing Assistance

Marketing professionals can help you in various different ways. They are going to be able to take care of many different aspects of marketing your business. Experts can provide you with print marketing materials in full colour to help you to get your message across. You can also rely on professional design services to help you achieve the perfect look for your brand.

  • Design services
  • Print marketing materials
  • Display services

Expert marketing services in Bridgend are ready to help you out today. If you enlist their help, then they will be able to make a big difference for your company. You can present your company in the best light possible and draw more attention to what you are doing. This can really increase your potential profits and will help your business to grow.

Reach Out to the Marketing Professionals

Reach out to the marketing professionals today to get the help that you need. You can count on experts such as this to do a great job for you. Whether you are a small business or a large one, marketing is essential to help you maintain steady growth. Making contact with the best marketing business in the area today will really be a good choice to make.


Why Social Media Marketing

Some people have a hunch that social media or social media marketing is just a buzzword with no advantage in real and practical business scenarios, but businesses that have been using it are aware that it is the ‘next big thing’ in the business world with lots of advantages. Even several studies in recent years on social media marketing have quoted many businesses accepting that social media is an important tool to get desired results. According to them, the tool is beneficial is getting new clients and increasing their product sales. There are many other reasons too to use social media as a promotion tool, and some of them are:

To Drive Targeted Traffic

To gain attention of potential customers and make a product famous worldwide, it is necessary to reach the right audience. Through a social media page or an account, a company can contact the right people and let them inform about their products and services. Through regular posts, the customers can be updated with latest happening to a product.

Brand Recognition

Through social media, a company can make its product reach various regions of the globe without setting promotional events in real. Social media platforms can become a company’s voice and face and lure customers worldwide.

Fast And Reliable

Social media websites are the fastest way to reach the targeted audience and tell them about a company’s services and products. In addition, customers believe content posted on these platforms through the company’s right source.

More Opportunities

As social media allows a company to reach many customers at one time, there are high chances that even half opportunities can be transferred into full opportunities. By gaining trust of current customers, an organization can attract new clients.

About Various Social Media Platforms

Numerous social networking sites are now used to serve the dual purpose of not only networking and social connectivity, but also for businesses to expand their reach. While brands may post about their products on these sites through traditional means, they may also make use of the paid advertising options provided by most of these platforms. Some of the most popular social media sites considered viable for businesses and organizations include the following:


Facebook is clearly the largest and leading social media platform in the world with over 1.59 billion active monthly users. Thus, in addition to connecting with friends and family, the site offers the ideal platform for brands to expand their market and reach the target audience. Facebook ads further aid in building brand awareness and bringing audience to your company’s page. These paid ads are highly flexible and help one assess the effectiveness of their approaches through insights from Facebook’s metrics including audience demographics, page performance, and so on.


Twitter is another major social networking site which boasts of more than 320 million active monthly users. Although this site restricts tweets to consist of only 140 characters, businesses can profitably make use of them to convey their products and offers to customers. Brands can use this site to connect with prospective customers, convey information, answer queries, as well as indulge clients to shop directly through tweets.


Instagram is a unique platform based on the concept of sharing photos and videos. What makes this site unique is that it poses as highly functional for businesses which attract customers through pictures or videos about varying arenas of food, art, or travel. Multiple filters and editing features add to the convenience and ingenuity of this social media site.


Businesses cannot miss venturing into YouTube as it being the second largest search engine after Google, offers for a global and cost-effective platform to showcase one’s products. By simply creating a YouTube channel, one can upload informative as well as advertisement videos and garner likes and comments on them.


Another photo-sharing application, Pinterest has grown in a short time to become one of the best visual bookmarking applications. Businesses can pin their content on the digital bulletin boards for the audience to explore.


LinkedIn is one of the popular networking sites made for professionals. With over 400 million users, LinkedIn provides a global platform for businesses to find and connect with professionals and ideal candidates from their industry. Brands may even get their content boosted and display personalized ads to reach the desired professional audience.


What Email Marketing can Teach us About CRM

With email marketing, your customers can sign up to receive newsletters and updates about the new information that has been posted on your website. Those customers have expressed an interest in your services and in your products and also want to have more information about your company. You can use that email list to expand your business operations because those customers will probably make a future purchase. You can plan your business strategies by using the information about those customers to improve your online marketing campaigns and to improve your efforts for customer service and for technical support.

Email Marketing

The largest costs for email marketing are for labor hours and for computer software. An employee must use computers and software to write the information for the newsletters and for the articles that will be posted on a business website. The customers choose to participate in the open channel of communication by using an online format to sign up to receive more information and alerts. Those customers could be dedicated customers who will continue to use your services and to buy your products.

Customer Service

The business strategies for customer service should include more online information that can be used by the customers to make independent decisions about the products and the services. The customers are probably not interested in sales calls because they are very busy. Those customers want to conveniently read information about your company without interfering with a hectic schedule. The website should have information about problems and solutions such as information about the commands to use to activate a cell phone.


With CRM email marketing, you can use a gradual process for increasing the number of customers in your customer base by focusing on preferences and on trends. You can encourage your customers to make additional purchases and can also connect with new customers. The key factor for relating the information about trends to your products is to simply offer a different version of the same product. If the trend is text messages, then offer an option for email alerts and for text alerts.


The sales volume can increase if your customers have more information about the versatility of your products or services. The crucial factor for motivating the customers to make a purchase is to offer more online options such as an option for requesting more information or for making an online purchase. The process for completing a sale should not inconvenience a customer and should be very simple and easy.

Technical Support Services

Your technical support services should be available 24 hours each day because your customers are probably very busy during traditional business hours. If the customers cannot resolve a problem by using the posted information on your website, then those customers will want to contact your technical support team for help. You should also offer an online option for a customer to report a problem and to request that the answer should be sent via an email message.

Customer Base

The simple technique of using an email newsletter to attract customers can be used to connect with the members of several target audiences such as offering several newsletters with different topics. Some customers may be interested in new recipes for orange chicken while other customers want to learn more information about cardio exercises. With several newsletters, you can increase the number of customers in your customer base and will not alienate any of your customers.

Online Marketing

A very important factor for online marketing is the format that is used to present the information. Customers can be discouraged if your website is difficult to navigate and the information is not clearly presented on a Web page. The link for the blog should be on the main menu and should not be concealed on a drop-down menu. The information in the blog articles should be very informative because customers will usually read a blog to learn new information or to learn about new techniques such as using a tea bag as a natural cure for a swollen gum.

New Customers

You can attract new customers by simply offering free information on your website. A construction contractor would be interested in learning about a new method for inspecting the plumbing system in a building. A chef would be interested in different seasonings for a sweet and sour sauce. With email marketing, you can learn new information that you can use to develop your business strategies and can control costs while you increase your revenue.


Understanding The Process Of Brochure Design In Southend

Marketing is crucial to build a credible image of your brand and the best method of local marketing is through professionally designed brochures. Attractive and eye catching brochures are ideal to spread the world about any new service or product your company is offering, through proficiently written content and relevant images. However, to make the best use of this marketing material it is crucial to understand the process of brochure design in Southend, which usually includes these three stages:

  • Designing

The first is the design stage; however, before the design process actually starts it is crucial to understand what the client needs and this is done through a string of face to face meetings. The designers sit with the client, where they talk about the brand, its niche market, future projects etc. This gives them a clear picture about the client and the business they are supposed to create designs for. The client is encouraged to share any specific information to be added in the brochure, as well as his ideas about the appearance and design of the brochure. Once they have completely understood what is expected of them, the design process begins, which in itself includes various steps.

Initially the designers come up with rough ideas for the layout and design, making sure that all of the client requirements are being met. Even various colour combinations are tried, before selecting the most suitable ones. This is done using high end software, making the process fast and simple. Then after several brainstorming sessions, two or three designs are shortlisted, which are given a final shape for client viewing.

  • Reviewing

Good design agencies strive for client satisfaction and thus, keep their clients involved at every step of the brochure design in Southend. The next stage is reviewing the proofs and this includes showing the finalised designs to the client for his approval. Usually this is done through meetings; however many design agencies use specialised software which enable them to interact and share their designs with the client sitting in any part of the world in real time. The client shares his inputs regarding any revisions he wants to be addressed and the designers keep working on it till the client has given his consent to finalise a particular brochure design.

  • Printing

The last stage is print production, in which the brochures are sent for printing at the press. The quality of printing has to be high, as otherwise it can make even the most fascinating design look average. That is why the designers select top quality paper and ink to ensure the end product exceeds client expectations. Once the printing of required quantity of brochures is done, it is time to ship the printed pieces to reach the client on time.

The process of brochure design is quite challenging, but interesting, and as it can take some time to design and deliver outstanding result, it is suggested to start your search for the best agency offering services for brochure design in Southend sufficient time before.


Using a Telemarketing CRM: Why It’s a Good Idea

Is telemarketing obsolete?

Although many people might argue that telemarketing died with the nineties and that it can`t keep up with social media marketing, this is actually quite far from truth. In fact, as social media marketing becomes more and more expensive, the need for telemarketing is now even higher than ever before.

Although traditional telemarketing might not be as effective as it was ten or twenty years ago, contact centers still manage to rake in more than around 900 billion dollars a year with its help. Telemarketing can not only deliver sales, but also help with generating and nurturing leads and even with gathering customer data.

Having said all of this, it should come as no surprise that telemarketing must evolve to fit the needs of the ever-changing and growing market. This is where CRM comes in handy. CRM can prove to be priceless for telemarketing businesses or any businesses that employ call centers.

How CRM bolsters telemarketing
Telemarketing CRM recently started to gain popularity for a wide array of reasons. As the competition nowadays becomes fiercer and fiercer, using CRM in telemarketing gives it a new fighting chance. Like in any other business, CRM in telemarketing can help automate and streamline almost all the business processes.

CRM technology can help you maintain and strengthen contacts with existing customers, and it also enhances marketing and sales activities, as well as helps you nurture your leads to land a successful deal.

Time saving

Time is money! This is now truer than ever before, and CRM software helps you save precious minutes and hours. Without a centralized CRM database, your agents are likely struggling, each in their own way, to gather valuable client information.

Having a single database and a single interface for all the tasks means that your employees can easily find, access and share information. Furthermore, it provides you and your employees with a complete overview of every activity and its outcomes.

In short, CRM helps you achieve better results with less effort. It can assist you in completing tasks in just a few clicks, and it can even help you automate processes or tasks that would take hours to complete without the assistance of CRM software.

Enhanced campaign management

Another nifty little perk that you gain when using CRM in telemarketing is that it will allow you to execute campaign management better than ever before. CRM can help you concentrate your telemarketing activities by using your database to its fullest potential. In addition, you will be able to target your campaigns, which will provide a truly personalized experience.


On top of all of this, CRM in telemarketing can enable you and your employees to greatly enhance your analytics reports and make them more detailed and sophisticated. CRM software offers advanced tools for analysis that can help you generate data on the agents` achievements and overall performance, track an individual agent`s progress, as well as audit the success of various campaigns and processes in your company.

In conclusion

To wrap it up, CRM in telemarketing can enhance your control over the quality of your services, and it can help your team be more productive overall. In the end, what matters the most when it comes to attracting and keeping your customers is the way you choose to approach them.

If you use it wisely, CRM can help your company not only run smoothly, but also grow and expand to become the embodiment of your business vision.


What Are The Differences Between Branding And Marketing

The importance of understanding the difference between the terms branding and marketing in order to ensure your company reaches its fullpotential through the successful implementation of a product’s life cycle.

What do the terms branding and marketing mean? Aren’t they similar in nature and origin? What role do branding and marketing play in a product’s lifecycle?

Contrary to popular opinion (or should I say, my understanding), marketing and branding are not the same thing; in fact, they are very different concepts. There are many important differences between the concepts of branding and marketing; however, before we discuss them, let’s have a look at a formal definition of both the concepts. I am a firm believer of putting the precise definitions of the pertinent terminology on the table before we continue with the discourse. In this way, any confusion between the terms will be cleared up right at the beginning of this article.

What is branding?

Branding is loosely defined as the process involved when creating a unique name and image for a product. The aim of branding is to establish a distinctive and powerful presence in the marketplace that will attract and retain loyal customers.

What is marketing?

Marketing, on the other hand, is the process through which products and services move from conceptualization to their end goal which is the customer. Marketing is an integral part of your brand. You can’t sell your brand to its target market without involving a marketing strategist.

The development of a product from beginning to the end is usually handled by a branding and marketing agency like BrandQuest. It can be handled in-house by the company that wants to develop the new product; however, it is far better to outsource the product life cycle from the conceptualisation phase right through to the point where the product is ready for sale.

The differences between branding and marketing

Even though the concepts of branding and marketing are similar, they are also very different and play different roles in the product development process. In order to gain a full understanding of what marketing and branding are, let’s have a look at the differences between these two concepts:

  • A brand is the unique identifier that differentiates one company’s product ranges from another company’s products. Marketing helps your company build awareness about its brands.
  • Branding comes before marketing in the product development life cycle. You have to define your brand before you can market it to your customers.
  • The principles and concepts of branding stay the same unless you need to rebrand your product; conversely, marketing methods will always evolve in response to current market trends.
  • Branding generates a timeless connection between the product and the customer. Marketing is what drives sales. A product can be marketed and sold without a brand; however, its highly likely that the sales numbers will be less than if the product is branded.
  • A brand build customer loyalty to your products. Successful branding is what ensures that customers keep returning to buy your product. Marketing, on the other hand, is what alerts your customers to the existence of your brand.

Final Words

Now that we have established that it is important to consult a professional brand and marketing strategist during the process of developing a new brand, why don’t you reach out BrandQuest at in order to see what they can offer you?


Mobile PPC – How Can They Sky Rocket Your Sales

Even if you don’t follow the market and the emerging technological advancements, you know that we have already entered into an era of marketing dominated by smartphones. The mobile revolution has already reached its advanced stage. Almost every adult is using a smartphone and they are using it for a longer period of time every day.

Our normal day begins and ends with mobile devices. This clearly means that if you want to lure your target audience, you need to enter into their mobile (literally). Many marketing and advertising techniques have been devised to reach to the potential customers through their mobile devices. One of those potential techniques is the Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaign. Here we have listed some benefits of mobile PPC that can prove its potentiality.

Highest Click Through Rate (CTR) – Let us tell that Click through Rate (CTR) is the ratio of people visiting a webpage who clicks on the external links given on the page. As an advertiser or a business owner, you must know that higher CTR means you get a higher chance to convert the leads. Studies and researches show that mobile offers higher CTR as compared to PC or tablets. This clearly means you can earn more when you invest in mobile PPC.

Mobile Cost Per Click (CPC) is more cost effective – When you run a PPC ad campaign, you surely need a budget for the campaign. Various studies have shown that the Cost Per Click (CPC) for mobile is way less than the CPC for PC or tablets. Just think, you need to pay less for the same ad on mobile devices and get more percentage of clicks on the mobile devices. It is a win-win game without a doubt! However, you’ll need to build an effective strategy for your mobile PPC ad campaign to be more successful. You can read this reference article here to know the technique to make your mobile PPC ad campaign more effective.

The conversion rate of mobile devices are high – There are a lot of people browsing through their PCs but the majority of them browse the web for work-related activities and hence tend to ignore any ad. In fact, lots of them use ad blocking extensions on their browsers. On the contrary, mobile browsing is private browsing and hence people are lenient about the flashing ads. This clearly means you get high conversion rate when you invest in mobile PPC rather than the desktop or laptop PPC.

Mobile search results are more compatible with ads – The search result that Google brings to the mobile searchers are different from the search result seen by the PC’s web browsers. The search results of PC are inclined towards information oriented organic search results while the SERP of mobile devices is more inclined towards ads. This is because; Google knows the mobile searchers need instant buying information. By opting the ways of Google you can always leverage more benefits.

Mobile users are ready to take action – Many surveys have shown that mobile users are mostly ready to take action. When users search for a product and or service if you have managed to attract them with your PPC ad, then they’ll order it instantly. Many a time the mobile users search for a certain product online for comparing price while standing in a store. If you offer the product at a competitive price with any added benefit then you’ll certainly make a sale instantly. Anyone who takes their business seriously will not miss this opportunity.

SEO is of less use to attract mobile traffic – You might have a great SEO team and so you might be thinking that you do not need PPC ad campaigns. If you are targeting only PC users, then you are right! SEO is much more effective than PPC. But, as discussed in the above point, the mobile search result is more inclined towards ads rather than organic results. When the person gets what she is looking for directly on the screen why would he bother to scroll down and see the organic results? SEO is not dead but you need to mix some percentages of mobile PPC to leverage the full benefit.

PPC brings targeted traffic instantly – Any online business needs targeted traffic. Obviously, SEO is considered the best way to bring targeted traffic. But, SEO strategies take months or even years to bring the desired result. Patience is a good thing for long-term success but don’t you need some instant success? Obviously, you do! Mobile PPC brings you that instant success in the form of impulsive buyers for your product or services.

Best tool to measure the effectiveness of Keywords – As discussed earlier, SEO strategies take time in showing you the result. So, if you chose the wrong keyword for your product or service you won’t know it unless you have wasted some months. You can use PPC to test the result of keywords and then use the most appropriate keyword in your SEO strategy for the long-term success. Being one of the fastest methods of ad campaigns, the mobile PPC can serve the best testing tool for keywords for your business success.

More advanced advertising strategies can be linked to mobile PPC Ads – You can add more advanced advertising and marketing strategies with your PPC ads. Let us take the example of click-to-call ad extension; when you link your phone number with your PPC ad, you’ll gain more numbers of converting traffic and clicks. The mobile users will happily tap into your ad to call you and get information regarding your product or services. Similar is the location extension that plays an important role in increasing your visibility on mobile searches. The PPC can also be used to interlink some advanced options of retargeting the leads that didn’t convert instantly.

You can get so many benefits by including mobile PPC ad campaign for your business. So, what are you waiting for?


How to Build Your Own Slatwall Display Efficiently

Building eye-catching displays that your buyers cannot pass by easily. A slatwall display is one is one of the great ways to display your merchandise in an effective manner. It is also considered as one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that provides you with the capability of customizing your interiors for the unique sales requirements. Trust us! With just a few accessories, you can easily create your own display that effectively presents your products. Here are some amazing tips you can follow in order to create a slatwall display for yourself:

Make it Mobile: There are some displays that can be very difficult to move from one place to the other. Whereas the slatwall cube tower can easily equip with casters, that gives freedom to move them whenever you need a change. Don’t be afraid to get these mobile display towers as a display! You can highlight it by bringing it out during the special times of the year like holidays, or during sale and more, or you can make it as your permanent display equipment. Movable cube towers can also be placed into storage when you do not need them outside.

Try to Upgrade it with New Accessories: Do you want to make your slatwall display more beautifully? If yes! Then you add some acrylic touch to display along with small or loose items. Do not let your buyers wonder what is hiding under the opaque display. You can also use a clear plastic that allows you to see all the displayed items easily.

Retrofit your slatwall displays with New Panels: You can always customize your interiors with a number of accessories. You can even change your panels by allowing your display towers in order to match the colors of the interiors of your store.

Do not Forget the Hardware: Well, there is a range of hardware to complete your slatwall cube tower display. You can also choose a variety of metal hooks, inserts, hangers and bracket that allows you to hang items in a clean fashion. Having a slatwall display in your area gives you with a freedom to design a number of different displays to put your products effectively. Remember, here you will draw the attention of your buyers to your products and have them showing off the shelves within no time!
Create Slatwall display and convert your potential customers into permanent buyers!