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Using a Telemarketing CRM: Why It’s a Good Idea


Is telemarketing obsolete?

Although many people might argue that telemarketing died with the nineties and that it can`t keep up with social media marketing, this is actually quite far from truth. In fact, as social media marketing becomes more and more expensive, the need for telemarketing is now even higher than ever before.

Although traditional telemarketing might not be as effective as it was ten or twenty years ago, contact centers still manage to rake in more than around 900 billion dollars a year with its help. Telemarketing can not only deliver sales, but also help with generating and nurturing leads and even with gathering customer data.

Having said all of this, it should come as no surprise that telemarketing must evolve to fit the needs of the ever-changing and growing market. This is where CRM comes in handy. CRM can prove to be priceless for telemarketing businesses or any businesses that employ call centers.

How CRM bolsters telemarketingimage2
Telemarketing CRM recently started to gain popularity for a wide array of reasons. As the competition nowadays becomes fiercer and fiercer, using CRM in telemarketing gives it a new fighting chance. Like in any other business, CRM in telemarketing can help automate and streamline almost all the business processes.

CRM technology can help you maintain and strengthen contacts with existing customers, and it also enhances marketing and sales activities, as well as helps you nurture your leads to land a successful deal.

Time saving

Time is money! This is now truer than ever before, and CRM software helps you save precious minutes and hours. Without a centralized CRM database, your agents are likely struggling, each in their own way, to gather valuable client information.

Having a single database and a single interface for all the tasks means that your employees can easily find, access and share information. Furthermore, it provides you and your employees with a complete overview of every activity and its outcomes.

In short, CRM helps you achieve better results with less effort. It can assist you in completing tasks in just a few clicks, and it can even help you automate processes or tasks that would take hours to complete without the assistance of CRM software.

Enhanced campaign management

image1 1Another nifty little perk that you gain when using CRM in telemarketing is that it will allow you to execute campaign management better than ever before. CRM can help you concentrate your telemarketing activities by using your database to its fullest potential. In addition, you will be able to target your campaigns, which will provide a truly personalized experience.


On top of all of this, CRM in telemarketing can enable you and your employees to greatly enhance your analytics reports and make them more detailed and sophisticated. CRM software offers advanced tools for analysis that can help you generate data on the agents` achievements and overall performance, track an individual agent`s progress, as well as audit the success of various campaigns and processes in your company.

In conclusion

To wrap it up, CRM in telemarketing can enhance your control over the quality of your services, and it can help your team be more productive overall. In the end, what matters the most when it comes to attracting and keeping your customers is the way you choose to approach them.

If you use it wisely, CRM can help your company not only run smoothly, but also grow and expand to become the embodiment of your business vision.