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Mobile PPC – How Can They Sky Rocket Your Sales


Even if you don’t follow the market and the emerging technological advancements, you know that we have already entered into an era of marketing dominated by smartphones. The mobile revolution has already reached its advanced stage. Almost every adult is using a smartphone and they are using it for a longer period of time every day.

Our normal day begins and ends with mobile devices. This clearly means that if you want to lure your target audience, you need to enter into their mobile (literally). Many marketing and advertising techniques have been devised to reach to the potential customers through their mobile devices. One of those potential techniques is the Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaign. Here we have listed some benefits of mobile PPC that can prove its potentiality.

Highest Click Through Rate (CTR) – Let us tell that Click through Rate (CTR) is the ratio of people visiting a webpage who clicks on the external links given on the page. As an advertiser or a business owner, you must know that higher CTR means you get a higher chance to convert the leads. Studies and researches show that mobile offers higher CTR as compared to PC or tablets. This clearly means you can earn more when you invest in mobile PPC.

Mobile Cost Per Click (CPC) is more cost effective – When you run a PPC ad campaign, you surely need a budget for the campaign. Various studies have shown that the Cost Per Click (CPC) for mobile is way less than the CPC for PC or tablets. Just think, you need to pay less for the same ad on mobile devices and get more percentage of clicks on the mobile devices. It is a win-win game without a doubt! However, you’ll need to build an effective strategy for your mobile PPC ad campaign to be more successful. You can read this reference article here to know the technique to make your mobile PPC ad campaign more effective.

The conversion rate of mobile devices are high – There are a lot of people browsing through their PCs but the majority of them browse the web for work-related activities and hence tend to ignore any ad. In fact, lots of them use ad blocking extensions on their browsers. On the contrary, mobile browsing is private browsing and hence people are lenient about the flashing ads. This clearly means you get high conversion rate when you invest in mobile PPC rather than the desktop or laptop PPC.

Mobile search results are more compatible with ads – The search result that Google brings to the mobile searchers are different from the search result seen by the PC’s web browsers. The search results of PC are inclined towards information oriented organic search results while the SERP of mobile devices is more inclined towards ads. This is because; Google knows the mobile searchers need instant buying information. By opting the ways of Google you can always leverage more benefits.

Mobile users are ready to take action – Many surveys have shown that mobile users are mostly ready to take action. When users search for a product and or service if you have managed to attract them with your PPC ad, then they’ll order it instantly. Many a time the mobile users search for a certain product online for comparing price while standing in a store. If you offer the product at a competitive price with any added benefit then you’ll certainly make a sale instantly. Anyone who takes their business seriously will not miss this opportunity.

SEO is of less use to attract mobile traffic – You might have a great SEO team and so you might be thinking that you do not need PPC ad campaigns. If you are targeting only PC users, then you are right! SEO is much more effective than PPC. But, as discussed in the above point, the mobile search result is more inclined towards ads rather than organic results. When the person gets what she is looking for directly on the screen why would he bother to scroll down and see the organic results? SEO is not dead but you need to mix some percentages of mobile PPC to leverage the full benefit.

PPC brings targeted traffic instantly – Any online business needs targeted traffic. Obviously, SEO is considered the best way to bring targeted traffic. But, SEO strategies take months or even years to bring the desired result. Patience is a good thing for long-term success but don’t you need some instant success? Obviously, you do! Mobile PPC brings you that instant success in the form of impulsive buyers for your product or services.

Best tool to measure the effectiveness of Keywords – As discussed earlier, SEO strategies take time in showing you the result. So, if you chose the wrong keyword for your product or service you won’t know it unless you have wasted some months. You can use PPC to test the result of keywords and then use the most appropriate keyword in your SEO strategy for the long-term success. Being one of the fastest methods of ad campaigns, the mobile PPC can serve the best testing tool for keywords for your business success.

More advanced advertising strategies can be linked to mobile PPC Ads – You can add more advanced advertising and marketing strategies with your PPC ads. Let us take the example of click-to-call ad extension; when you link your phone number with your PPC ad, you’ll gain more numbers of converting traffic and clicks. The mobile users will happily tap into your ad to call you and get information regarding your product or services. Similar is the location extension that plays an important role in increasing your visibility on mobile searches. The PPC can also be used to interlink some advanced options of retargeting the leads that didn’t convert instantly.

You can get so many benefits by including mobile PPC ad campaign for your business. So, what are you waiting for?