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What Email Marketing can Teach us About CRM


With email marketing, your customers can sign up to receive newsletters and updates about the new information that has been posted on your website. Those customers have expressed an interest in your services and in your products and also want to have more information about your company. You can use that email list to expand your business operations because those customers will probably make a future purchase. You can plan your business strategies by using the information about those customers to improve your online marketing campaigns and to improve your efforts for customer service and for technical support.

Email Marketing

The largest costs for email marketing are for labor hours and for computer software. An employee must use computers and software to write the information for the newsletters and for the articles that will be posted on a business website. The customers choose to participate in the open channel of communication by using an online format to sign up to receive more information and alerts. Those customers could be dedicated customers who will continue to use your services and to buy your products.

Customer Service

The business strategies for customer service should include more online information that can be used by the customers to make independent decisions about the products and the services. The customers are probably not interested in sales calls because they are very busy. Those customers want to conveniently read information about your company without interfering with a hectic schedule. The website should have information about problems and solutions such as information about the commands to use to activate a cell phone.


With CRM email marketing, you can use a gradual process for increasing the number of customers in your customer base by focusing on preferences and on trends. You can encourage your customers to make additional purchases and can also connect with new customers. The key factor for relating the information about trends to your products is to simply offer a different version of the same product. If the trend is text messages, then offer an option for email alerts and for text alerts.


The sales volume can increase if your customers have more information about the versatility of your products or services. The crucial factor for motivating the customers to make a purchase is to offer more online options such as an option for requesting more information or for making an online purchase. The process for completing a sale should not inconvenience a customer and should be very simple and easy.

Technical Support Services

Your technical support services should be available 24 hours each day because your customers are probably very busy during traditional business hours. If the customers cannot resolve a problem by using the posted information on your website, then those customers will want to contact your technical support team for help. You should also offer an online option for a customer to report a problem and to request that the answer should be sent via an email message.

Customer Base

The simple technique of using an email newsletter to attract customers can be used to connect with the members of several target audiences such as offering several newsletters with different topics. Some customers may be interested in new recipes for orange chicken while other customers want to learn more information about cardio exercises. With several newsletters, you can increase the number of customers in your customer base and will not alienate any of your customers.

Online Marketing

A very important factor for online marketing is the format that is used to present the information. Customers can be discouraged if your website is difficult to navigate and the information is not clearly presented on a Web page. The link for the blog should be on the main menu and should not be concealed on a drop-down menu. The information in the blog articles should be very informative because customers will usually read a blog to learn new information or to learn about new techniques such as using a tea bag as a natural cure for a swollen gum.

New Customers

You can attract new customers by simply offering free information on your website. A construction contractor would be interested in learning about a new method for inspecting the plumbing system in a building. A chef would be interested in different seasonings for a sweet and sour sauce. With email marketing, you can learn new information that you can use to develop your business strategies and can control costs while you increase your revenue.