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Digital Marketing Trends Every Business Owner Must Know


All businesses must now have started using digital marketing as a part of their business strategy. At the very least, all business owners who have to continue up the ladder of success must have heard of this marketing trend that isn’t going out of fashion soon. If you know anything about the digital marketing world is that there have been several trends that come and gone already.

The ever-changing market requires business owners and their digital marketing Washington DC team to stay current or all of their efforts are wasted. Here are the biggest trends in the digital marketing scene today that will make a big difference in your online presence and visibility:

#1 – Mobile Marketing

The average American adult, anyone who is 18 and over, spends at least 3 hours a day using their handheld device, which means there is a bigger audience on the smaller screen. Businesses have to make their websites mobile-friendly to appeal to a wider audience. The moment a website takes more than a few seconds to load and consumes too much data, chances are a potential customer will click away.

It’s about time you make a mobile-friendly version of your website. It is an investment that will result in faster and higher conversion rates that will put your business on top.

#2 – Encourage Customer Reviews

It is a well-known fact that potential customers will for business reviews from your past and current customers. Online reviews are seen as your resume and over 97% of all customers depend on these reviews when purchasing anything online. If your business does not have any customer reviews, most people won’t consider your brand as credible or reliable. Ask your customers to leave comments and feedback about their experience with your business as a way to encourage others to trust you.

Don’t be afraid of negative comments because this is a good way to show how you deal with customers. Just be careful on how you respond to these comments as this will set the tone of your business and how you handle complaints from customers.

#3 – Invest In Branded Videos

Potential customers that are online don’t want to spend time reading all about your brand and business. The moment they are required to put an effort into reading your story, many will click away and lose interest, fast! Get the help of digital marketing Washington DC experts and request for branded marketing videos. A creative and well-made video that caters to your target audience will attract a lot of attention. With the right marketing team and a great branded video, you can even go viral and become an online sensation!

Staying With The Trend

When it comes to online marketing trends, it is in your best interest to always stay on top of any changes and audience demands. An out of date digital marketing strategy is like not having one at all. Stay current and you’ll find yourself amazed at how many customers are clicking to purchase what you are offering.

Tessa understands digital marketing like the back of their hands. If your brand needs a good push from the services of a digital marketing Washington DC, contact us today!