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Different Social Media Marketing Bots To Manage Social Networks:


Nowadays, the best marketing bots are available to manage social networks within the Digital Marketing & Social Media sector is quite broad. Whether to manage the community of a company or an independent or freelance entrepreneur, networks are essential to enhance our visibility and create a community around our brand. That is why I have compiled the ten best tools to manage Social Networks of 2019.


This tool allows you to monitor, program and analyze what we share on the networks. Its main feature, apart from the ones that most applications use, is the monitoring to see statistics of each shared publication. In this case, you do not have the automatic queue list option for publications to share. Sprout Social offers you its effective social input tray, as well as functions to monitor social networks and their keywords. This way you can know about which words or categories it is more profitable to write. Networks compatible with this tool are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, LinkedIn.


This application is equipped with a CRM, that is, a manager to meet the needs of your audience, like other similar Apps. Thanks to Sendible, you can republish other previous publications thanks to the Smart Queue function. It has an intelligent system that offers you the best publications to share. Integrates the social input tray and eClincher option to allow team work. It does not have the influence search function. What if, thanks to its manager, shows you as a statistic information history about each publication. In this way, it is possible to see which entries have the most interaction. The support offered is individual for each user in a personalized interface within each board. It is compatible with the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Analytics.


You have reported with statistics, publish articles, social participation and platform to work as a team. It has a social interaction input tray to socialize with each follower and see their messages independently. Like other applications like eClincher, with this App, we can manage all the interactions that take place in social networks. Whether they are messages, I like, shared, comments or mentions. One of the advantages is its Agorapulse provides system management for customers and the option to send personalized messages to each user according to our preferences.


We are facing one of the most powerful and complete tools for managing social networks. With eClincher we have the convenience of having a very complete and simple to use the platform at the same time. With this application, you can publish automatically, thanks to the smart option of leaving publications on the waiting list. We speak of the so-called Auto Post with Queues, which translates how to publish with queues or rows.

Thanks to this function, it is possible to leave hundreds of articles programmed for the next months without any problem.

It is also possible to manage, as well as how to modify and delete posts, once we have automated its publication. It also allows us to develop other functions such as social input, search for influence topics and recommendation of suggested publications.

Has shortener of URL’s, reports analytical, image library manager and integration of Canva. As an added feature, it also offers other keyword manager functions or categories to find content related to our subject. Thanks to its developed client management system, it has a very complete platform to offer support to each user. We can make use of calendar, analysis tool and inbox in a personalized way.


HootSuite was created in 2008, is one of the oldest applications within this list. In addition to the typical functions for this type of tools, it offers other characteristics that denote its robustness as the curation of content, organization, RSS integration and programming. Its sharing functions allow you to publish in bulk. But in this case, we have to manage the content to be published. This tool does not have the option to recycle how others do.

A very interesting feature of this App is to create sweepstakes or contests on the networks to generate and interact with our potential customers. In the case of follower’s management, HootSuite does not have an inbox to organize itself. On the contrary, we would have to do it individually with each user. Neither does it have an influencer’s search engine and its support is something more basic.


We are facing one of the best applications to manage social networks, given a large number of advanced features offered in its platform. Your sharing options are somewhat limited, but it offers publication automation and social media integration. Neither does it have the characteristic list of publications queue nor with the Auto Post function.

The social input tray is not present in this platform, it is not possible to monitor or interact with other influencers. Instead, you have a featured content section where you can see ideas. Social Pilot does not have the option to search for influence within its board. Customer management support without the need to register user data. It integrates an individual control panel for each client.


The main characteristic of CoSchedule is its social calendar. It is prepared to automate publications and have everything well organized. Its ReQueue function gives you the advantage of selecting the best entries when sharing on networks. It also has a specific authority blog for Content Marketing. The absence of options to interact with influencers, monitor and searches for words keywords or categories is perhaps the only but. However, it has a support board and individual interaction for each client and analysis reports.