There is a growing recognition that demo forex account should be given to traders because all traders do not want to lose their money at the beginning. In reality, it would be really helpful for traders to experience the best demo account before using live account. This helps them fully understand forex market, forex trading platforms, and other important features. Nonetheless, it is crucially important that traders should opt for the suitable demo accounts because it helps them clearly understand the mechanism of forex trading market and enables traders to test their trading strategies.

  1. What is forex demo account?

Basically, forex demo account enables traders to experience trading currencies without using their real money. It’s because traders will use virtual money to trade instead of using real money. Forex demo account often refers to “sim” account( short or simulation). When you trade with forex demo account, it feels like you are using your real money.

It is the fact that brokers want to get profits when you use live account Therefore, they decided to offer forex demo account.

  1. Advantages and disadvantages

Traders have a chance to test trading conditions, trading platforms, and their trading strategies when it comes to forex demo account. In fact, demo account has some advantages and disadvantages illustrated by following points.

  • Advantages:
  • Practice trading without losing money: you will be able to place orders and execute trades effectively when you use forex demo account. It’s because demo account allows you to experience forex trading platforms.
  • Improve your skills and techniques: demo account allows traders to find new strategies and techniques in order to improve their trading performance.
  • Make decision whether you like trading currencies: Midnight and early morning are the time that popular currency pairs have the most volatile moves.
  • Test a specific platform: Traders can test a specific trading platforms thanks to demo account. In addition, they can know whether their trading strategies are effective or not and make them create charts as well as make trades easily.
  • Disadvantages:
  • Demo accounts may be restricted in funds and duration: the best forex brokers offer demo account because they want traders to experience forex market. In fact, the funds are totally free but it exists only a short period of time. It’s because brokers want their customers to transfer to live account after using demo account.
  • Real trading conditions are different: it is the fact that you only use virtual money when it comes to forex demo account. There is no evidence that there was a bid or ask meets your standard, a real trade would happened.
  • Data may be delayed or different: you might trade with procrastinated data because not many brokers offer live data streams.
  • You don’t learn the emotional cost of trading: when you use your real money in live account, it seems to be different. For example, losing $100,000 in demo account is not a big problem because the money is virtual. But if you lose 100,000 in live account, it will be a big problem because the money is real.
  • You have to reveal personal information: it is because you have to provide your personal information such as name, address when you register an account.

Here are top 4 forex brokers with best forex demo accounts.

  1. Exness accounts
  2. Hotforex accounts
  3. XM accounts
  4. FXTM accounts
  1. Conclusion

In one word, experiencing demo account is considered to be an effective way to help traders experience forex market without risking their money. They have many chances to test their trading strategies and create some effective techniques while they’re trading with demo account. However, you should not think that you will be successful when you switch to live account. When you use live account, you should pay much attention to trade execution because you are using your real money.


10 Fruits to Eat and Avoid Deadly Diseases

We all know that to maintain a healthy diet, we need ample servings of fruits and vegetables. But how much is enough, and which fruits should we be eating?

Ideally, men and women should eat about two cups of fruit each day. This can mean two cups of regular fruit or 100% fruit juice, or one cup of dried fruit for your daily intake. In addition, eating the whole fruit is often a better option than picking up a bottle of orange juice or juicing at home. You still get the same vitamins and minerals, but just drinking fruit juice doesn’t provide the fiber you need, and juice absorbed without that fiber can cause a spike in your blood sugar levels. Eating more whole fruits can lower your risk of type-2 diabetes.

Today, with the help of crowdfunding in India, treating our illnesses has become extremely easy. Hence it’s only fair that we go that extra mile to make our body and life healthier by adopting lifestyle changes.

If you go through the success stories promoted by crowdfunding sites in India, you will realise that people all over the world have been choosing crowdfunding as the best solution to all their money troubles, which would also change their lives for the better.

Keeping in mind your health and well-being, we’ve listed 10 fruits that are you absolutely have to include in your diet in order to avoid deadly diseases.

  1. Pomegranates

According to Livestrong, men are at a higher risk for heart disease than women. They also need to think about the possibility of prostate cancer. According to the publication, eating pomegranates frequently can help to lessen the risk of either health condition. The antioxidant compounds found in pomegranates can also help alleviate erectile dysfunction, or even prevent it altogether.

  1. Apples

Each medium-size apple is packed with 17% of the fiber we need each day and is helpful to maintain colon health, among other things. Apples also contain anti-allergy compounds.

  1. Grapes

Grapes are vitamin powerhouses that contain vitamins A, C, and B6. In addition, they can help you replace the energy you lost during your gym session by helping your body produce more glycogen.

  1. Cherries

The pigment in cherries and cherry juice mimics the effects of some anti-inflammatory medicines, and there are no side effects.

The more tart the cherries, the better they’ll help to alleviate aches and pains. That’s because they have the highest levels of anthocyanins 1 and 2, which block enzymes associated with inflammation.

  1. Blackberries

Any berries are great for your health. Blueberries and blackberries have nutrients that may enhance brain functioning and improve your memory. They’re loaded with antioxidants that can help prevent cancer.

In addition, blackberries can help push cholesterol through your system before it’s absorbed by your bloodstream.

  1. Papaya

Eating some of this tropical fruit that is extremely common in Indian households has been linked to relieving gas from indigestion. On top of that, it also contains few calories but a ton of vitamin C.

To make sure you’re picking a good one, look for a papaya that is mostly yellow and yields slightly to pressure — a bit like a ripe peach.

  1. Mango

Mangoes have five times more vitamin C than oranges, are loaded with fiber, and their sugars are absorbed slowly compared to other fruits, which is better for your blood sugar levels.

  1. Bananas

Bananas and their famed levels of potassium are great for staving off muscle cramps. Potassium is also good for bone health and for maintaining your blood pressure.

Think you’re eating too much salt? Grab a few bananas along the way. “Getting enough potassium may be as important as eating less sodium when it comes to lowering blood pressure,” WebMD states.

  1. Grapefruit

Eating grapefruit regularly can act as a slight appetite suppressant, and has been proven to help people lose a few pounds over the course of a couple of weeks. It’s also known to help reduce the risk of certain types of cancer and lower blood pressure.

  1. Watermelon

Not only does watermelon hydrate you in summers, but its high content of beta carotene and lycopene is good for your heart. It’s also high in citrulline, which is converted into arginine in the body.


How to Choose the Right Investment option

Which fund type to invest in? What is the risk-return ratio you wish to maintain? How long is the time period within which they are willing to put their money in the mutual fund? How much should i invest in mutual funds?.

In addition to these, there is one other crucial decision that investors have to take when making mutual fund investment decision – deciding the investment type.

Choosing the right investment type helps investors estimate the amount they should put in mutual funds and also helpsthem get a probable return value.

When we talk about the investment type, there are three types that commonly confuse the investors – Dividend Re-Investment, Dividend Payout, and Growth. All three of them come with their share of considerations, objectives, and tax implications.

In this article, we will be looking all the three investment choices and help investors make a calculated decision of which type they should invest in.

Let us start with explaining the meaning or context of each of the investment types.

  1. Growth

In case of the growth investment option, the Net Asset Value grows alongside the share prices, which leads to capital appreciation. This option is well suited for the investors who are looking for long-term capital appreciation.

Suppose the fund comes with 1,000 units and the NAV is Rs.10. So the whole fund size would be Rs.10,000. Now, if the NAV grows to Rs.14. In a year, the size of the fund would increase to Rs.14,000, which would then result in Rs.4,000 capital appreciation.

  1. Dividend Pay Out

Under this investment type, a part of profits that are made by the mutual fund is paid back to investors in the form of dividends and the NAV is adjusted to the payout of post-dividend amount. This investment type is best for the investors who are looking for a continuous income inflow.

Imagine a fund has 1,000 units and the NAV is Rs.10, making the fund size Rs.10,000. Now after 1 year when the NAV increases to Rs.18 and a dividend is announced at Rs.4 per mutual fund unit, then Rs.4,000 will be given to the dividend and the NAV will get adjusted to Rs.14.

  1. Divided Re-Investment

In this investment type, dividend gets declared but is not paid to the investors. What happens is that the investors are asked to buy more mutual funds that can be purchased with dividend and the NAV gets adjusted to that specific extent.

Suppose a mutual has somewhere around 1,000 units and NAV is of Rs.10, making the fund size Rs.10,000. Now after a year when the NAV increases to Rs.18, the Rs.4 dividend would come out to be Rs.4,000 and NAV will be adjusted according to Rs.14.

All the new units, which equates to Rs.286 will be created and then get issued to the investors.

Now that we have looked at the meaning of all the different mutual fund investment types, it is time to give you an answer to which investment type should you opt for out of these three.

Well, the answer to this would lie in your requirement.

If you need regular income coming in your bank account in line with the invested mutual fund amount, go with dividend pay out. If you wish to keep the money in for steady growth over a period of time, opt for Growth option and if you are looking for a risk backed high return mode of investment, go with Dividend re-investment.

So, in the end, there is no fixed answer to which investment type you should invest in. It would ultimately depend on how comfortable with having an amount of money coming in your bank account on a regular basis vis-a-vis keeping them in the mutual fund house.

We hope that the difference that we told you would help you take an informed decision. If you still have a lingering doubt on which investment type to put money in, get in touch with our team of mutual fund experts.


5 Things To Know About Short Term Loan Lender Without Checking Account

Are you in an urgent need of some cash, but without a checking account? Well, there are many such people available around because of increasing number of rejection of loan seekers for new accounts. The reason behind these rejections are many and to get short term loans, nowadays, the borrowers have to act more smartly than ever. There are some important considerations that can help you find a good short term loan lender without even a checking account. In this article, we are going to discuss 5 things about short term loan lender.

  • The growing number of short term loan lenders seek borrowers who already have a checking or bank account

It is a fact that today, a majority of lenders have made it mandatory for the borrowers to have an account. They support this requirement due to following mentioned reasons.

One – Because lender would require you to provide a post-dated payment check to get a surety of the repayment on the upcoming pay day. To clear a check, a bank account is a must requirement.

Two – A checking account signifies for a responsible individual and lenders prefer providing loan to such person because there they foresee the possibilities of loan repayment.

Three – A checking account enables the bank to build up a genuine identity of the account holder; hence, it develops trust in the lenders.

  • No Need Of A Bank Account With Some Short Term Loan Lenders –

Some lenders are there who happily provide loan to the borrowers who do not have a bank account. Though these lenders often require you to provide some collateral to cover or mitigate the risk associated. However, providing collateral sometime becomes difficult for borrowers while applying for short term loans.

  • Other Reasons That Support The Need Of Checking Account –

Having no checking account is sometimes frustrating for few other reasons as well, apart from being unqualified for the loan. The common instances of the same are; a bank account is taken as a safe space to keep money safely. It enables the account holder to use check services and also easily manage debit charges at gas stations, grocery stores or even any service provider.

Moreover, the checking account is a way to manage the money in an adequate way through online. In addition, you can take out money anytime round the clock from the ATM machine located everywhere in every street. So, when you have no checking account, you look to be quite ignorant and back-seated in this fast-paced life time. You cannot enjoy all the benefits that others do with a bank account.

  • Reason Behind Disapproval Of Your Checking Account Application –

Generally, the short term loan seekers realise the need to get a checking account at the time they apply for a loan. Though the process is purely simple as it takes not more than 15 minutes. Still, to get this account, you should have a good identity; however it also requires that the name of the applicant should not been reported in the Chexsystems database.

So, these are few significant aspects about short term loan lender with checking account. Considering these aspects, you should definitely get an account right away.


5 Smart Tips for Good Home Loan Finance

Almost every one of us, at some point in life, need some financial assistance. And looking at the sky-rocketing cost of property rates, we cannot do so without the help of home loans. But before you approach any prospective lender, make sure you know some basics about Home Loan Finance which have been covered in this post.

Buying a home loan is by no means an easy task. Apart from the long-term financial liability which it creates, there are a lot of other things which also need to be taken into consideration. Let’s check out some of the important things which we must know about home loans.

  1. You must indulge in some ‘shopping.’

Yes, you have read that correctly! Once you contemplate on taking a home loan, make sure you spend a good amount of time shopping for the perfect loan for yourself. By doing this, you will come to know the best rate which the lenders are ready to offer you and then you can pick the best deal for yourself.

  1. Get some clarity on ‘charges.’

These days it is a common practice for lenders and financial institutions offering loans to add some hidden costs and charges like processing fees etc. Make sure when you go loan shopping you ask and get clarity on what extra charges the lenders usually levy on their home loan buyers and then decide accordingly.

  1. Penalty on Foreclosure

If you are planning on closing your home loan at the earliest, then this is something which you must ask your lender. These days there is a growing practice among lenders providing Home Loan Finance for charging a penalty fee on the borrower if they close the loan account before the date on which it is expected to expire. It’s because in such cases banks lose out on the interest factor which they otherwise would have been eligible for. So beware and watch out! There are many institutions which do not charge for part or full prepayment, especially from individuals.

  1. Know that you always have an option to switch!

Gone are the days when taking a home loan was a lifelong commitment, and once you sign the dotted line, you are stuck forever. Although this existed earlier, nevertheless, today customer is the king, and if any lender disappoints him on any count, he can always go for a balance transfer scheme and switch to another competitive lender or financial institution which offers him better rate as well as better service.

  1. Go for short!

No, we don’t mean it in any other way, but all we want to tell you is always ask your lender loan for a smaller tenure. Although this means that the EMI which you will have to take care of will be higher, nevertheless, in the long term once the interest factor starts compounding, you will benefit from that immensely.

The next time you approach a lender for home finance, make sure you ask these questions before you sign the dotted line! Stay aware, stay smart!


While searching you will come across various banks and financial institutions offering Home Loan. But be wise to choose the best among all for your purpose. IIFL Home Loans is one such NBFC that make it easier for the prospects to avail the loan.


Get Started on Your Wealth Path With Money Management

Money management often seem like a hard journey for most people to embark on, this is because they have this notion that for one to become wealthy one has a lot to understudy not just money management alone. But in reality money management is very simple and feasible too, it’s an everyday practice that you can do in order to achieve a financial stability and believe me having a good money management skill set you on the road to a richer life.

Money management can be easily tailored to be part of your life with steady practice. The first and most important step to towards achieving this is, knowing exactly how you much you require in life and also identifying how you can invest the remain money. Are you a worker? Then arrange that your company sends a particular amount from your salary to a savings fund that way you are left with the rest of the salary to live on until the next pay day. Ensure that the amount that you are left with after saving is the smaller part of the entire salary but it should at least be enough to settle your bills and other necessities.

Money management practice basically geared towards ensuring that you cut down your wasteful spending and set yourself on the path to wealth. Here you will learn to live with what you have while also identifying areas in your life you are spending excessively and make efforts to curb them. If you can adhere to this meticulously, you will realize that you have saved up a lot of extra money to invest with. It doesn’t just stop there, the next step involves you identifying the area to invest this saved up extra money in order for to generate more money for you.

A good look around your environment you will discover a lot of opportunities you need to invest in including real estate, office supplies delivery among others. These are things that people will always demand for, and just every other necessary commodity out there, its value goes up as the demand for it increases. And if this scenario plays out, just imagine the sort of wealth that your little money management habit has bequeathed you. If you like you can sell the investment for a much bigger amount.

Money management is nothing but a simple and carefully thought out steps towards wealth. Hence, from the foregoing explanation, you will realize that money management isn’t as herculean as most folks project it.

In conclusion, although you might experience difficulties at certain points in the journey especially when you will have to deal with the inconvenience of rationing a little part of your income in settling bills, upkeeps and other expenses. But remember that, these are just necessary conditions you must subject yourself to in order to accomplish the bigger goal ahead which is attaining financial stability. For More Golden Beach Real Estate


Prepaying a Home Loan – Why should You go for it

Any individual with a burden of the loan on his shoulders just wants to get away with the loan as soon as it is possible. However, that is not the case with every individual. There are a fair amount of people who do not take the loan as a burden and are fine with the periodical payment of the loan. But most of us aren’t comfortable with this idea. Thus this is where the Home Loan prepayment comes into play.

On receiving an annual bonus or some lump sum amount we usually look forward to getting away with the loan. Thus we consider prepaying the loan which indeed is the right thing. While doing or thinking to do so involves a lot of thinking such as how much are you going to save if you prepay the loan, are you free of other financial responsibilities? These are a few questions which linger in our heads when we talk about loan prepayment.

There is a situation where an individual receives a financial boost through bonus and he goes all out in prepaying the loan. There are several reasons why an individual prefers paying the loan as early as possible. It might well happen that soon after you have prepaid the loan, you might suffer from a loss job, the death of a family member, such unfortunate events are unpredictable and you don’t want to bear the burden for tomorrow. Thus prepayment of loan is considered to be wise. There are several online Home Loan part pre-payment calculatorsavailable which will help you to get an approximate idea about the amount.

What are the other benefits that come with the prepayment of Home Loan?

Another Loan: If you are repaying the loan before the due date you are basically signaling the bank that you have a better financial standing. What this does is that it ensures banks’ trust in your financial capabilities and as soon as you are done with the prepayment of one loan you can very quickly opt for another one. Given the banks’ complete trust and faith in your abilities to repay, you can easily get another loan.

Reduced Interest Rate: It is a fact that prepayment of the loan will bring about a lot of savings in the interest rate. If you decide to prepay the loan you can, in fact, save the bulk amount that you were going to be charged every one month. Banks provide considerable benefits in terms of prepayment of loans. Various factors have to be analyzed before an individual opts for prepayment of loans.

Negotiations: Prepayment brings about a fine negotiation between a bank and the customer as the borrowed money is be repaid before the due date which in turn is a long way. Thus bank negotiates with the borrower and provides them a lower rate of interest and certain benefits to help them get rid of the loan amount.

One amazing feature of Home Loan is Home Loan Balance Transfer where you can transfer your outstanding loan amount from one bank to another. All the banks out there are competing with each other to provide the customers with the most customer oriented Home Loan Balance Transfer. These banks provide these services which help the customers to pay their outstanding loans at a low rate of interest and thus save a lot in the process.

There are various online tools such as the EMI Calculator which helps you to calculate EMIs based on the duration you have selected. Thus for a small period, the amount will be high while the interest rate would be low, on the contrary, for a longer period, the amount will be low but the interest rate charged would be high.


Do You Need to Speak to an Accountant

Whether you are a small or large business, you need to rely on accounting services. Without advice from an accountant, you can experience some serious business setbacks. An accountant can assist you in preparing your accounts and taxes, as well as provide you with the recommendations you need to stay afloat. Without the support of an accountant, you may as well compare yourself to a sailor without a boat.

The Advantages of Using an Accounting Services

Local accounting services in Woking can be accessed by both sole traders and partnerships. Accountants also handle complex accounts. By using accounting services, you can experience the following advantages:

  • Using the services of an accountant will save you time. If you work for yourself, your main priority is to generate more business. Documenting your transactions and reviewing what you have spent can take a good deal of energy – energy that can be better utilised.
  • Employing an accountant who understand the latest tax regulations and deadlines is useful to businesses that want to concentrate on customer communications. Accountants also know what format that HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) mandates.
  • Accountants help businesses—both small and large—save money on their taxes. Practitioners in the field can show you the best techniques for saving taxes whilst running a business.
  • If you are self-employed, you can count on the services of accountant to learn the most tax-effective practices to take money out of your operations. An accountant will help you better understand what you can and cannot claim.
  • You can benefit from a VAT scheme and learn its advantages when you work with an accountant. This scheme is a government-backed incentive that permits you to charge VAT on your invoicing at a standard rate whilst paying the HMRC at a reduced rate.

Stay on Top of Your Accounting Activities

As you can see, you can learn a good deal by taking advantage of accounting services. You can also avoid some major tax fines or penalties. By relying on an accountant, you will definitely stay on top of your accounting activities.


Arnon Dror Talks on the Difference between Financial Management and Accounting

When it comes to running business accountants and finance managers form the pillar of strength. We simply can’t do without them. They are the invisible caretakers of the business without which the financial situation of the company would be in jeopardy. Arnon Dror , Portland that although they are essentially similar in nature and require similar kinds of educational qualification, credentials, and license yet they markedly vary from each other.

More often, we think that employing an accountant will take care of all our financial problems but that is not the case. He or she might be able to sort your finances and helps in running your business yet they will fall short as the financial manager of the company. For this, an added level of expertise is required along with management skills. Therefore, accountants and finance managers are similar but not the same. Here are some points, which will clear the air regarding this confusion and help you in differentiating the two professions.

Financial management deals with the future

Both the profession is related to sorting out finances but at different levels. Accountants primarily work at an individual level and deal with things privately. Their job is to make financial reports and statements, tally the expenditure and the revenue collection, fill in the taxes etc. Thus, it deals with the past financial condition and its present outcome. Finance managers take it to the next level. It is often regarded as the more classified field of accounting. In financial management, the stress is more on the future prospect. The key here is to read between the lines and find new prospects. Read the market trends, get insights from the financial report, and get to know what’s working for the company. Thus, it’s a broader field which ties up the past, present, and future into one string.

Financial management takes care of asset distribution

Arnon Dror says as we all know it, accountants have to follow GAAP, that is, the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and sort out finances according to it. Finance Managers too have to follow this rulebook but their area of expertise differs markedly. While the accountants manage the company assets and maintain the steady cash inflow along with tracking the finances and making reports, the finance managers take care of the distribution of these assets. How to draw up investors, budgeting, paying up the creditors, analyzing the financial situation, balancing debts – all fall under their jurisdiction. Thus, finance managers have to keep in mind a larger perspective and act accordingly.

Accounting is part of financial management

Lastly, accounting is a part of financial management. Rather financial management is an evolved form of accounting. Accountants work in their personal capacity by sorting out fiancés, reducing expenses; tally the balance sheet, filling the taxes etc. They primarily work as individuals under a person. Finance Management, on the other hand, deals with the overall financial outlook of an organization. These managers work as head of the finance department and manage economic affairs under whose guidance the accountants work.