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The Options and the Outcomes of ELSS Investments


The real question lies in how to invest in ELSS. The method is simple and you need to know the details of the investment option. Usually we take to savings when there is a tax knock at the door. There are times when we try to ignore the ELSS option. This is the specific tax saving direct mutual fund app you can try for saving money in future. The full form of the same is Equity Linked Savings Scheme. This is one of the places where the portion of the money is there in the process of the equity share. Now, it is time that you start investing in the ELSS scheme by means of the SIP route.

In case of the ELSS type, you need to take note of the investment process and this will envisage the kind of lock-in span of three years from the time or the date of investment. ELSS funding will provide with the options of growth and dividend. The growth option will help you have in possession the lump-sum amount after the completion of the lock-in period. On the other hand the dividend option will let you hold the dividend at the time when the fund will announce the dividend option and this is only possible within the lock-in period.

ELSS is becoming extremely popular these days, and this is the popular investment tool to make possible perfect holding of money at the right time. ELSS comes with the double benefit. Based on the market edge from the point of the equity exposure, and this will help in the faster multiplication of the money and this is sure to keep the tax under check on the basis of the section 80C benefits. Thus, you cannot just say that ELSS is a tax saving tool. ELSS will help you earn the robust return at the same time save tax accordingly.

For everything else you first need to know how to invest in ELSS. ELSS comes with the lower lock-in period of complete three years and it can be easily compared with the other notable fiscal instruments in the money market. ELSS includes the PPF scheme and this is for major 15 years and there is also the NCS option and this is for complete 6 years. There is even the tax saving and the FD option and this is for complete 5 years. These are instances to make ELSS enjoy the highest liquidity amount when compared with the rest.

Out of the given options of ELSS under section 80C the returns from the ELSS and also the PPF are completely tax free. ELSS will help you with the best and the complete returns and this is entirely based on the market edge. However, the returns from NSC and FDs are completely taxable. Thus, it can be rightly stated that ELSS can give just the best instrument among all the investment tools. In case you have not made any investment directly or indirectly as part of the equity markets, ELSS is sure to make things easy for you.