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What Happens When You Haven’t Managed Your Online Reputation


There are many people that neglect to take care of their online reputations. Have you ever looked yourself up in a search engine (often Google)? What did it say? Was it even you that appeared or some with the same name or company name? Most importantly, was what you saw good or bad? More often than not, individuals and companies do not keep track of their online reputations which usually bites them in the behind a couple of years down the line. What are the next steps when you’ve discovered that your online reputation is negative, unhealthy, and hurting your sales and opportunities?

Contact an online reputation repair firm. Online reputation repairing often applies to business professionals and brands that have negative reviews and poor result(s) about them in search engines, usually Google. This means that you will have to consult an expert or expert team so they can reflect on the strategic possibilities for repairing your online reputation. Some of the various strategies used include search engine optimization (SEO), reverse SEO, and in the worst of cases, reaching out to the individual that posted the bad content or going to court to get that content removed. In any case, each can be an expensive alternative. Each takes time and effort. So before your online reputation gets to the point of repairing, it is essential that you’re actively manage your online reputation. It will cost less in the long run to have a healthy online reputation that it will cost you in the short run to get it repaired!

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