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Top 5 photo editing apps on 9apps store


9apps is an application which allows user to download different apps for their smart devices free of cost. Once installed, numerous applications can be further downloaded without any limit on the number of downloads. Some great photography and editing apps are available on the 9apps store and the top 5 are listed below:

1. B6 12:

B6 12 is considered to be the best photography app available on the 9Apps store. This app is specifically developed to take selfies and make use of various filters which are already available on the app itself.More than 50 filters are available on the app which can used randomly to enhance the colour of the clicked photo.

Automatic preview mode is also available to choose between various filters.

Added feature of arranging the pictures in collage layout also proves beneficial. Users can add location to their pictures using the app.Apart from all these features, the ability to add timer for clicking pictures gives it an edge from other apps.

2. PicsArt Photo Editor:

One of the highest rated photo editing apps on the 9Apps store, PicsArt Photo Editor helps in creation of wonderful photo collages and their editing. One can use one of the many free templates available on the app. These templates include free backgrounds, frames and stickers which can be added to an image for making them more appealing. The app also has inbuilt editing features like crop, clone and stretch tools. One can choose from hundreds of filters which can be tweaked for improving the quality of an image. PicsArt is the most flexible editing tool on the 9Apps store which can be used for creating some wonderful textures and designs for an image. AI-based technology automatically alters the exposure, brightness and shadows of an image to make it more attractive.

3. Age face:

It is relatively a new application on the 9Apps store. It is a face aging app which automatically ages the face of the user. One only needs to upload an image of self which is them aged using an AI based technology embedded within the app. It is a kind of entertaining app which can used to upload fake but real looking old image of self.

4. Sweet selfie:

It is both an editing and camera application which can be used for taking attractive selfies and editing the same to make them more appealing. One can use pre-installed filters and stickers which can completely change the appearance on image.An added function of makeup allows user to enhance the appearance of one’s selfie by adding extra features like trendy hairstyles.

The camera app notifies the user of the best angle which can be used for clicking the perfect selfie.

5. Selfie magic camera HD:

It is another great editing application which can automatically enhance the appearance of an image.Users can apply free filters and add other beauty features like lipstick, concealer, etc. to one’s image to make oneself look more gorgeous in images.One can even remove blemishes like acne scars from the image of one’s face using the application.

To use such great applications, one needs to install 9apps Apk file which is not available on the official website of 9apps. No app store can match the speed or the security level as 9apps store delivers.