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Top 5 Mexican Restaurants in Lansing

Mexican Restaurants

Food is that we all need and we all need it like our way. There are so many dishes in every country that people can’t even think of going there and try them all. So a better trend to follow is to make the dish of other country available in our own country and enjoy the meal. The condition is not to appoint a naïve cook and make a slight taste of authenticity so that people who’ve already tried the dish too relish that.

There are many dishes that are brought in the local country and then introduced to people. This trend is being followed by many restaurant owners of different countries. Some introduce Indian food, Mexican food, and Chinese food. But people are in love with the Mexican food. After hearing the Mexican food, one should know the place Lansing mi. Mexican restaurants Lansing mi is one of the most famous places to have Mexican food. The best 5 restaurants that have been loved by the people are:

  • Chapelure at heights Eastwood: Enchiladas is the famous Mexican dish and this restaurant has done a PHD on its recipe. This restaurant is famous in the city as the best Mexican dish but the one mentioned above is one of the best dishes of this restaurant.
  • Red Gourmet Burgers and Brews: The Mexican flavored burgers are one of the attracting parts of this restaurant. This restaurant is famous for its burgers of different flavors and even for the beer. A perfect place to hang out with friends and enjoy a light beer with a burger. This can turn out to be the best ever combination.
  • Chen’s Restaurant: One of the best Mexican dishes to try here is the Noodle casserole. This is not an easy recipe at all but this restaurant has surely made it worth a try. This restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in that city. You can definitely try its dish if you’re in Lansing mi.
  • Athena’s Diner: One of the place people can relish for the good quality cuisine and a perfect family time. This option is available any time and people have enjoyed every dish that is made in this restaurant. Not a totally Mexican restaurant but the few dishes like Pork ribs with tomato sauce and Grilled steak tacos will take away your heart. The taste is genuine and mouth-watering.
  • Lil’ BBQ Shack: This restaurant is different from the above mentioned restaurants as it has a concept of BBQ involved. This concept is introduced to provide a perfect fine dine experience to people with in house brewery. If you need to enjoy all the BBQ Mexican snacks and meals you can come and have a feast with family.

Lansing Mexican restaurant is the best if someone is a Mexican food lover. You can enjoy the best Mexican cuisine in Lansing. There are many more restaurants that claim to have a pure Mexican touch but if you’re in Lansing then you must give the above restaurants a shot.