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How Manufacturing and Technological Industries are Identical Twins


Almost all industries need each other, if one industry had collapsed today, everything else would be different. Industries are broken into four different categories but still work as one big team. These categories are primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary. Primary are industries dealing with raw materials, Secondary is connected with manufacturing, Tertiary is for service industries and quaternary is for information/research industries. There are over 100 different kinds around the world, and 50 of them are major and extremely important. Two of the top 10 biggest industries is Manufacturing and Technology. Even though they are very big and seem to stand on their own two feet, both of them need each other. Here is why both of them contribute to each other’s needs and benefit one another:

Manufacturing Works For And With Technology Everyday

The 21st century is definitely going to be a one-of-a-kind, because many of the things we had no choice but to do on our own has changed. Today manufacturing companies no longer have to do everything by hand and calculate everything in their head. Technology has played a big part In cutting manufacturing Time by half and making things more accurate. Companies used to have to cut wood with axes, dig large holes with shovels and Hammer and thousands of nails all by hand. Now, technology has made it possible where workers and people in general can apply little work and get big results. In other words, technology has turned the manufacturing industry from hard long working hours into a quick and easy piece of cake.

Technology Needs A Builder

Basically, Technology and Manufacturing work together like human body. The manufacturing industry is the body in the technology is a soul that keeps the body alive and moving. But without one another, they are incomplete. This is exactly how manufacturing and technology is set up. For example, a circuit breaker help stop the flow of current in an electric circuit as a safety measure. When technological companies are looking to sell circuit breaker, the manufacturing industry builds it and makes the idea tangible. Therefore, together as a partner, the technology Industry does the inventing and thinking and Manufacturing does the work to make it possible.

Although Technology and Manufacturing companies are still separate from each other, they are still almost identical twins. It is very hard to say which one is more important because both of them are critical to keeping other industries functioning properly. The only difference is that technology is always a step ahead of manufacturing companies. Whatever idea technology has to offer to the world, manufactures then create it to distribute it to the public. Without these two major industries working together every single day, all other industries would struggle severely. They truly are the 2 legs holding up almost any other business that has ever existed, and that is why it is so important for the world to pay attention to their teamwork with each other.