How can I track and monitor my employees working on field

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It is that age-old problem. You want to give your team enough autonomy to go out there and do their thing, but you need to know how effective it is. Producing things like payroll as well, means that you need to know where your people are.

Old processes like manual reporting take up so much time and effort. There are much better solutions out there now. SINC – Free Employee Time Clock is the perfect way to track and monitor what your team are doing out in the field.

There is enough to do when running a business. SINC takes away all the paperwork associated with your team by tracking their location with the mobile app. This means that you can monitor where they are when they are on the clock. It adds the level of scrutiny to your business that you want when monitoring the team.


You want to know where your team are, not as part of some Big Brother exercise, but to improve what you all do as a team. Getting to grips with the location of your employees helps you to –

  • Have better conversations with them
  • Automate timekeeping
  • Stay in control of your business
  • Maximize the contribution of the team

You are responsible for the people you employ when they are out in the field in two main ways. Firstly, you are responsible for how effective they are. Secondly, you are responsible for their safety. SINC allows you to cover both of these bases. The app has a reporting tool, so your employees can let you know if there are any safety concerns that need to be addressed. SINC really helps you to set up the best structure for your field team. You have all the data at your fingertips to carry our effective conversations with them.

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