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How LinkedIn Presents a Unique Social Media Opportunity?


Social media usage has picked up in the last few weeks. Most social media execs are noticing this trend upon analyzing organic social media engagement numbers. This is naturally making many brands and companies give more attention to social media optimality. This is a time any people are spending being online on social media channels. It is thus natural for companies to have the urge to invest more time and resources in social media.

One social media platform that presents a great opportunity for growth is LinkedIn. Generally, LinkedIn is typecast as a network rife with formalities and talk without substance. In many cases, this can be true. Since people actively try to appear professional on LinkedIn, getting a genuine sense of the audience’s nature and traits is very difficult.

Despite these drawbacks, LinkedIn can be an active source of engagement and brand development. Given how much LinkedIn engagement and usage has picked up in the last few weeks, brands are naturally gravitating towards LinkedIn, thinking of making a move.

In this article, we discuss the opportunity LinkedIn presents as a social media platform.

Brand Development

LinkedIn can be the perfect platform for a brand to grow its image as a company. Even during this time of crisis, companies are uploading articles and other content on LinkedIn to capture the attention of the people who might be interested.

LinkedIn is a platform designed for posturing and showing others what you’re all about. By using the full capabilities of LinkedIn to produce different types of content regularly, companies can build their brand image and take the next step in becoming a known company in their respective niche.

Discovering New Audiences

For companies, finding new audiences can be very challenging. Spending all effort on optimizing presence on Facebook and Instagram in order to discover a new segment of audience can become repetitive after a while. LinkedIn comes as a platform that can be used to discover a new strand of audience that is not easily discoverable on other social media platforms.

In Conclusion

Left with nothing to do, many professionals are turning to LinkedIn for a semblance of normal professional life. This is why LinkedIn usage has shot up drastically in the last few years. In this article, we discussed how LinkedIn presents a unique social media opportunity.

About the Author- Riddhima Bhattacharya is a well-known social media executive. She has been a social media professional for seven years, having worked with several big brands and influencers during the course of her career. Her knowledge in the field was codified during her stint at DelhiCourses.in as a student. The institute is otherwise known as the best place for a digital marketing course in Delhi.