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6 Tech Trends That Prove the Future Is Wireless


The internet of things is here. Our lives depend on our gadgets: everything from smartwatches to wireless doorbells, smart TVs, and appliances…

With all our interconnected gadgets, having wireless internet access is more important than ever. The wireless technology era has only just begun.

Read on to discover the latest trends in wireless tech and its effects.

1 . LiFi

In the next five to ten years, wireless technology will shift from radio wave-based WiFi to light wave-based LiFi.

LiFi uses visible and invisible light to transmit data. It has serious advantages over wifi because there is no electromagnetic signal that can be interrupted.

LiFi is ideal for use in critical industries like defense, medicine, and energy.

2 . 5G and 6G

5G and 6G digital wireless technology is on the way. It will deliver super fast download times, with plenty of available bandwidth.

Downloads will run at hundreds of GBs per second. Compare this to today’s current standard of 1GB per second- it’s pretty amazing!

Tired of seeing the spinning wheel while you stream? With 5G and 6G, that will be a thing of the past.

3 . Enhanced Bluetooth

Although we already use Bluetooth wireless technology to connect electronic gadgets, like this product, the Bluetooth of the future will be faster and stronger.

It will enable much better connections and quicker data transfers.

You’ll be able to use more Bluetooth gadgets at the same time, and the connection range will cover a wider area.

4 . V2X Wireless

V2X stands for “vehicle-to-everything”. It describes how your car can connect with wireless devices and systems as it moves along a road.

V2X already exists to an extent, but only in certain models and under certain conditions. In the future, it will become the norm rather than the exception.

5 . Software Defined Radio

Software-defined radio technology has been around for a while, but it hasn’t mainstreamed because it tends to be expensive. This will change soon, as the manufacturing preferences are about to change to favor it.

6 . Wireless Charging Technology

Wireless charging will become much stronger over the next 5 years. You will be able to charge your laptops and other electronics by placing them on a charging surface, like a table.

Wireless charging is currently available, but it depends on small wireless charging ports, which are not quite as sophisticated.

Products That Use Wireless Technology

In the near future, you can expect to see changes to some of your most relied-upon wireless devices.

Here are some categories of products that will be redesigned with the various wireless technology changes that will be available soon.

Appliances Around the House

Doorbells, thermostats, smart appliances like refrigerators and washing machines, laptops, tablets, e-readers

Entertainment Devices

TVs, home internet systems, gaming systems

Medical Tools and Equipment

Surgical robotics, record systems, video conferencing, diagnostic equipment, monitoring devices

Office Machines

Printers, computers, fax machines, phones, teleconferencing systems

In the Classroom

Smart blackboards, lab equipment, computers, overheads

In Your Vehicle

Car-to-car, car-to-road signage, GPS, radio and satellite communication

Embrace Wireless Technology and Keep Reading!

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