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What is Salesforce Knowledge Base


It’s much easier to get the information you need from a trusted source than looking for an answer in search engines. It is for this purpose that the knowledge base is used. With the useful information, employees, customers, partners and other people involved in the company’s activities will receive quick answers to their questions.

Administrators play a leading role here. They decide on the need for access to certain data by using the capabilities of the system. Administrators make decisions about how useful information is to a particular user.

Using community cloud services

Companies that provide all kinds of services are often faced with the need to provide answers to users’ questions. To remove such a task from the employees, it is worth creating your own Salesforce communities knowledge base. The knowledge management in Salesforce system will allow you to provide the necessary information on the first request and improve the customer (partner) experience.

Articles that answer various questions require a clear statement of facts and practical advice. In a difficult situation a user must quickly find the right information. For this reason, you have to monitor the relevance of the information in the base.

Advantages of using knowledge articles and Salesforce base include:

  1. Quick search. Instant access to the necessary information allows users to solve their problems without asking the company employees for help.
  2. Usefulness. To assess the usefulness of an article, there is a function of text assessment. A low score indicates a need to make changes.
  3. Easy access. Useful articles are posted on the platform, which means that if necessary, a user just needs a mouse click.

The knowledge base is an indispensable tool that greatly simplifies communication. Add useful hashtags, analyze articles ratings and use the experience cloud with greater benefit. Sharing useful news has never been so easy!

Platform for knowledge articles Salesforce offers

The implementation of the Salesforce case articles takes a long time. This is due to the fact that the choice of the optimal option is carried out very carefully. The implementation of the project largely depends on the meticulousness of Advanced Communities, the database creators and the requirements.

The best option corresponds not so much to the ideas of the organization as of the users of a certain resource. Users should be able to access useful information with one click. To do this, use hashtags or set up a keyword search.

The rating of the articles usefulness, which is created bases on the articles value, will save users’ time. Reading a worthless article wastes precious time. Use different options, and only then you will be able to choose one model.

The article management Salesforce offers to implement will help you divide articles into categories for users to search for them efficiently and quickly. Customers and partners won’t have to study masses of information to solve their problem. It is enough to create a suitable catalog and add all the existing categories to it.

Modern problems require instant solutions, and if this is not the case, then visitors may give preference to another supplier.