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Reasons Why Investing In Argyle Pink Diamonds Is A Good Idea


An auction held on April 2017 in Hong Kong made history as they were able to sell a pink argyle diamond that measured nearly sixty carats and cost nearly seventy-two million dollars, to an auction attendee. So what makes them an ideal candidate for investments!?

Let’s take a look at some compelling reasons in the sections that follow, shall we!?

Market trends and sentiment of investors have changed with time

We live in troubled times. Overpopulation, climate change, mistakes made by global leaders in the forms of meaningless sanctions made the global market pretty unstable.

This led to a change in the sentiments of investors, worldwide. They started to question their decision to invest in the stock market, mutual funds and the likes since all of these rely heavily on the performance of the stock market.

Investors are now turning towards tangible securities to invest in. They now favour real estates and precious stones – pink Argyle diamonds to be exact! Investing in Argyle pink diamonds is a great way an investor can protect as well as grow their total wealth. Both loose diamonds, as well as diamond jewellery sales have spiked over the years.

It is a fast-growing and stable asset

Pink diamonds are not new to investors since they were there before the prices of coloured diamonds started kissing the sky in recent years. Back in 2014, a report published by Barclay’s revealed that more than seventy percent of investors from all over the world began investing in pink diamonds.

The reason – well, it is stable. The price of diamonds never changes even when the stock market takes a dive or soars up! Prices of other securities like gold and silver changes with the performance of the stock market. Whereas, diamonds enjoy stability all year round!

It is a great wearable investment!

On top of being stable in terms of value and overall market price, pink diamonds are also gaining a lot of traction as a great wearable investment. People prefer investing in items that can be flaunted, stored, worn and moved.

This is the reason why gold has been at the top for so many years as a great form of investment but with the advent of pink diamonds, the tables have turned.

People are now going for pink diamonds instead of gold since the former has more market value, gives better ROI to their owners and are more or less, stable.

To sum it up – it is clear by now that pink diamonds are one of the best ways there is to invest your money and enjoy big returns. They are rare, to say the least, which means they are a stable investment medium. Furthermore, the Argyle mine is closing in the year 2020 which is driving the price of pink diamonds to the sky with each passing day. This is the right time for you to invest in some before it becomes nearly impossible for you to get your hands on some pink diamonds!