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Prototyping tips that will significantly boost your process


Rapid prototyping over the years has become a vital component of every industrial and production process. It has simplified everything cutting down on cost while at the same time maximizing output, in this post we are going to breakdown all the tips of Rapid Prototyping China that will improve the prototyping process.

Before we delve any deeper into prototyping strategies, let’s discuss first the subject of design fidelity.

Dealing with prototype fidelity

For the prototyping process to run smoothly without hitches, one of the fundamental issues that should be addressed is the fidelity level to be used during the entire production process. The most important trick in Rapid prototyping China process is knowing when to use a presentation with a high fidelity prototype.

Introducing it earlier will make the process unrefined while presenting it late and the client may be disappointed on details of the design. Is it an uphill task, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be, the secret to near perfect high-fidelity prototyping is nailing down the flow of wireframes and sketches which will enable you to move quickly in the later stages.

Tips and tricks of prototyping

Let’s discuss the strategies and tips that you can use to make the prototyping process run smoothly.

Only use actual and real devices

Prototypes should just be experimented and tested on actual devices before you spend a lot of money and time on the design phase. It’s important worth noting that nothing replaces experiencing prototypes designs on a real device or machine in a real environment.

Do not use linear work

The design process should always be multi-threaded just like a computer. Always strive on creating a design system to ensure a challenge or set back on one area does not hold you back, this enables you to have plan B and C.

Construct styles and symbols that are reusable

Some of the most significant design tools boast of using reusable symbols and styles that saves a lot of time especially when it comes to editing or when trying different designs before finding that sticks. Organized design style minimizes cost, talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Moving fast and fixing things

It’s essential to create a robust and strong foundation during the production of parts or products, always separate the functionality and structure keeps you focused on what is required to manufacture a killer product.

Strive to produce the best

When it comes to Rapid Prototyping China your prototypes do not always have to be perfect of production ready, one of the best ways of doing this is determining whether your prototype is good enough.

These can be done by pointing up the questions and coming up with simpler solutions until your desired design comes to light.