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Prepping Your Home for an Open House


You have been thinking about it for a long time and finally decided it is time to act and put your house up for sale. The market is favourable so you contacted a realtor, the listing photos were taken and a date has been set for the open house. Though you may be feeling nervous and not sure what to do in order to make your home more attractive to potential buyers, there are a few steps you can follow to ensure just that.

Try to have some fun with it and use the time to get your house in order and ready for the move you will be making in the near future. A Springfarm Yorkhill real estate agent is a good person to ask about how to prepare for an open house. Enjoy the process and follow these suggestions as they will ensure your home is in great shape for the big day.

  1. Make a Good First Impression

How potential buyers feel when they first set eyes on your house is very important. A bad first impression can be difficult to counter so avoid this at all costs. The exterior of the home should be tidied up with the lawns mowed and any bushes pruned. Consider adding planters to the front porch and be sure your house number is well displayed and in good condition. The driveway should be swept and clear of cars.

2 Clean to Pristine

The property needs to be cleaned top to bottom before an open house. There should be no dust on the surfaces or cobwebs on the ceilings. Wash all of the windows and wipe down the doors and doorknobs. I also suggest getting your carpets cleaned. Paying a professional cleaner to come in for a few hours is money well-spent. A spotless home points to it being well-cared for which is ideal.

3 Declutter and Depersonalize

This is one of the more important steps in preparing for an open house. If your belongings are filling the surfaces and corners it makes it difficult for those walking through to really see your house for what it is as their eyes will focus on the clutter. Also replace personal photos with classic prints or other artwork. If there are family pictures filling the walls it is not as easy for buyers to imagine it as their own.

4 Do All Repairs and Maintenance

You do not want people being put off by minor repairs you did not find the time to get to. Though they might not seem major to you they make the home seem less cared for and they may wonder about future problems. Fix any dents or evidence of water damage. If you have a furnace call in a professional to service it. Interested parties ask about this and having it done shows you are a proactive owner.

5 Hire a Stager

While many homeowners do not factor this in the sale of their house it really is money well-spent. An experienced professional knows how to make a property look its best. They can stage the rooms so they look more spacious while highlighting the elements of your house that make it unique and beautiful. If you can not afford it then do some research and figure out how to do it on your own.

6 Neutralize Household Odours

A fresh smelling house is much more inviting than one that meets you with a strong odour upon walking through the front door. We grow used to our own cooking and household smells but those viewing the property will notice it immediately. If you have pets their litter boxes need to be clean and their beds stowed. A diffuser is always a good idea. Put in a couple of drops of lemon or wild orange to create a nice clean scent.

7 Paint Over Too Bright Rooms

We often love to customize our residences with paint colours that speak to us. Though they may make us feel more at home potential buyers often find it off-putting and it can actually affect a sale. Though the paint is an easy fix there are buyers who say no because the colour scheme is not to their liking. Redo these rooms with more neutral tones in order to create a more subdued feel.

8 Don’t Stick Around

Though you may be tempted to hang around in order see how your residence is received this will only serve to make house hunters uncomfortable and reluctant to ask questions they may want an answer to.