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Level Up Your Typing Skills: 5 Gadgets That Will Help You Type Faster

Typing Skills

If you have a data entry job (or are hoping to get one), then you know how important it is to be a fast typer. Typing more words per minute can be the difference between finishing early and having to stay late.

The average person types 41 words per minute or WPM. But what if you’re a bit behind that?

If you’re wondering how to get faster at typing, there are some tools that can help you maximize your speed. Keep reading to learn about five things that will help you type faster.

1 . The Right Keyboard

Of course, to type faster, you first need to consider the keyboard that you’re using. Make sure you’re using a modern keyboard, as newer ones are optimized to maximize your productivity.

Getting a Bluetooth keyboard will let you move it to the most comfortable position. You should also make sure that it lights up so that the keys are easy to see at night.

2 . A Wrist Rest

A wrist rest helps lift your wrist and elbows up. This keeps them at a natural angle, preventing your arms from cramping up. At the same time, it gives you better access to your keyboard, allowing you to type faster.

A wrist rest is one of the many components of an ergonomic office, helping you maximize productivity while minimizing the risk of injury.

3 . A Big Enough Monitor

If you can’t see what you’re typing, it doesn’t matter how fast you can type. You’re going to make mistakes, discover them later, then have to go back and correct them.

By making sure that your monitors are big enough, you’ll spot any typing errors early on, making it easy to go back and fix them. If you have enough space, you can also use two monitors.

4 . Document Holders

Anyone who does data entry knows that typing is only part of the battle. Finding a place to put the physical documents that you need to refer to can also be a huge difficulty.

By adding document holders to your office setup, you’ll be able to position your files so that you can see both them and your computer screen. This will help you input everything much faster.

5 . A Virtual Proofreader

Instead of going back and having to fix any mistakes you make yourself, consider downloading a program to do that for you. Many tools are free to use and do a fantastic job of identifying typos and other errors.

These tools can work as browser extensions, and also in separate programs, such as Word and Excel.

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Type Faster With These Tools

As society adjusts to work from home mandates, more and more people are trying to maximize their productivity. If you’re looking to type faster, taking advantage of these five tools will have you typing a mile a minute in no time.

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