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Importance of a Health Insurance Policy Amid the Monsoon Season

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Monsoon is one of the seasons that is celebrated throughout the country. With relief from intense summer heat, it not only brings down the mercury levels, but also opens itself to a host of monsoon specific activities. While these are some positives about the rains, it also raises some monsoon-specific health concerns. To enjoy this season completely, it is important for you to have a health insurance cover. It helps to safeguard against financial worries of rain-related diseases and other health concerns. With online health insurance purchase, comparison also becomes easier among the myriad range of policies. This article elucidates why you should buy a health cover specially for the monsoon. Let’s have a look –

Monsoon is notorious to facilitate the conditions for growth and spread of various organisms that cause monsoon-specific diseases. Rainfall with water accumulation in various places acts as the breeding ground for many vectors that cause the spread of infections and diseases. In addition, the constant swing between hot and humid temperatures against the cold temperatures makes you prone to common flu-like ailments. With a monsoon specific health insurance plans these ailments can be kept at bay.

What are some of the features of a monsoon specific health insurance policy?

A monsoon medical health cover helps you manage the cost of various ailments that mainly occur during the rains. Some examples of these ailments are dengue, malaria, chikungunya, Japanese encephalitis, cholera, typhoid, viral fever, diarrhoea, common cold and flu, leptospirosis, stomach infections and more. With health insurance plans for family and yourself, you can ensure treatment of these specific diseases is covered. The coverage under this policy includes hospitalisation cover as well. Moreover, any diagnostics required, outpatient doctor visits, follow ups are also a part of its scope. Some plans also provide reimbursement for the cost of ambulance services availed. For cases of critical hospitalisation, these policies can be topped up to include ICU coverage as well.

What is it that you should look for when buying insurance coverage for monsoon?

Different types of health insurance policies are available. You can opt for a standard coverage under an Arogya Sanjeevani policy or choose a disease specific plan. Here’s what you need to keep in mind

#1 Select a policy with higher sum assured

Since the costs of medical treatment are soaring high, a policy with higher sum insured can come handy. You need to consider more than one factor like age of beneficiaries, lifestyle, food habits, pre-existing conditions and more when shortlisting one. Based on the beneficiaries of the policy, you must opt for the sum assured. Say, an individual policy with ₹5 lakh coverage is sufficient whereas the same amount is shared among multiple recipients under a family floater cover.

#2 Get the right coverage

To insure yourself against the risks of monsoon-related ailments, you need to opt for the right coverage. Based on your budget, existing health conditions, this evaluation needs to be done.

#3 Reliable insurance company

Lastly, you need to look for a reliable insurance company. This will help in smoother claim settlements without any hassles.

Now that you know the importance of health insurance policies for the rains, these pointers can help to get a suitable coverage based on your requirements. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.