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How Much Is a Timeshare Worth?


If you own a timeshare, you own a jewel that serves as both a vacation property and an investment. By adding one of these properties to your list, you have a reason to spend time out of town, while also having equity that appreciates.

But how much does a timeshare cost? What should you know about buying a new timeshare?

We can help you with those questions and more. Keep reading to learn more about purchasing a timeshare that’ll serve you.

How Much Does a Timeshare Cost?

Timeshares vary in price, but there is always an agreement that you carve out in the beginning. By paying into the timeshare each year, you will have access to the property whenever you choose to duck out of town and place a visit.

The terms also illustrate how many payments you will have to pay before you can outright own it. They will usually cost you about $22,000 per interval. Each timeshare holds a different buy-in price depending on where it’s located and the style and value of the property itself.

What Should You Know About Buying a Timeshare?

If you are going to buy a timeshare, it’s important that you think about all of the factors that go into it. Here are some of the points that you should know:

1 . Make Sure the Timeshare Is in an Attractive Location

Location is the first order of business if you are thinking about purchasing a timeshare. These are usually situated in tourist locations so that you can host people who are in town for travel.

Choose attractive locations like Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, San Diego, Austin, Portland, and St. Petersburg. Above all, make sure to purchase a timeshare somewhere that you like to travel so that you can get the most use out of it each year.

If Las Vegas is your city, you will appreciate having somewhere to stay while you’re out there hitting shows and playing the tables.

2 . Select a Timeshare With Luxury and Great Qualities

Think about the amenities and comfort before you decide to go with a timeshare. This should be somewhere that you feel comfortable spending time throughout the year on a trip of any kind.

Many timeshares include luxury amenities like spas, tennis courts, swimming pools, and hot tubs. Find the features that make the most sense for you so that you can enjoy the property.

3 . Know the Terms of Your Timeshare

Finally, make sure that you always read every word of the contract. This lets you know what you are signing up for and how you are bound to the agreement.

Remember that this timeshare exit strategy will help you learn how to sell or release yourself from the property when the time is right.

Buy the Timeshare of Your Dreams

If you are wondering, “How much does a timeshare cost?”, the tips above are a great starting point. When you have a timeshare, you’ll always have a vacation spot that you will love.

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