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How Important Are Google Reviews?

Google Reviews

Around 60 percent of consumers are influenced by online reviews.

With everything becoming digital, more businesses are relying on online reviews to get more customers. Businesses can expect to get more businesses simply through foot traffic, especially if their business is solely online.

This is especially why Google reviews are important. Consumers look at Google reviews when deciding what local business to go to. They are looking at your presence on Google and what other customers are saying.

But are Google reviews really important?

Here’s a guide that explains why they are absolutely important in any business.

Google Reviews Help With Online Ranking

If you want your website to rank higher on Google searches, you need to pay attention to reviews.

You want to list your business on Google and accumulate positive reviews if you want consumers to find your business at the top of searches. When you have more reviews, Google will actually improve your overall search ranking.

This means your business will appear higher than your competitors and be easier to find.

People Read Reviews All the Time

Another reason you need Google reviews is that people read reviews all the time before buying.

Remember, around 60 percent of people are influenced by online reviews. This is partly because everyone is searching on a mobile device.

You also have more review apps like Yelp, Amazon, and others that help you make a more informed decision. Consumers want to see what they are paying for before they buy it, which is why they invest in reviews.

Reviews Show the Quality of Your Service

Another critical aspect of reviews is that it builds trust with your customers. It helps your customers see what other consumers are experiencing from your business.

Consumers want an idea of what your business is going to offer them and how you are going to offer it to them. This means touchpoints like customer service, quality of the product, and other aspects of your business will be evaluated by your consumers.

If you want to show why your business is superior to your competitors, you need positive Google reviews. These reviews will show the value of your brand and help you create lifelong customers.

Areas of Improvement

Google reviews can also give you insight into areas of improvement.

If you receive negative reviews, you have an idea of what your business needs to work on. You can also have a consumer change their negative review by contacting them and making amends.

When you learn how to get more Google reviews, it can ultimately help you improve your business.

Now You Know the Value of Google Reviews

Google reviews are more relevant than ever. Consumers look at reviews to make snap decisions on if they should buy from a particular business.

If you want to build a lifelong relationship with your customers, Google reviews are a great start because they give someone insight into your business before they shop there.

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