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How getting a GIA grade for your diamond increases its value?


Diamonds are the most precious belonging someone can ever imagine. These are the most expensive possession one may care to delve their purse for. These very items are the ones for whom people pay their lifetime of money for and these are the exact gifts which would create a smile on anyone’s face. These diamonds though are not much of a use if certain aspects are not detailed. These include the GIA grading which determines the quality of the diamond in your possession. A GIA graded diamond is a whole lot more worthy to invest on than any normal graded diamond. But people would want to know what GIA graded diamonds actually means to them while selling their valuable possessions and getting your diamonds GIA graded would increase the value of the diamond at a high rate and it will become precious as well.

What is GIA grading and how to obtain it?

GIA grading has got 4 aspects attached to it. Cut, clarity, color and carat weight are the 4 Cs which determines whether the diamond is highly standard compared to non-graded diamonds. Diamonds are formed under extreme conditions beneath the surface of the earth. Therefore there are bound to be deformations which would reduce the value of it. But a diamond with the pure cut, clarity, color and standard carat weight is found, it have to have a significantly higher value than a normal diamond. Out of these 4 Cs, clarity is the most important one. This is because it is the clarity of a diamond which determines the most expensive diamond. The more clarity a diamond possesses and presents the more amount it garners from its sell. A flawless diamond is something which do not possess any blemishes even under 10x magnifier.

Flawless magnitude diamonds are rare and is much more expensive than its counterparts namely internally flawless, very slightly included to name a few. GIA grading system came about as a real help for jewellers as it was previously impossible for them to grade these diamonds without any standard procedure placement. If you have a diamond which you want to sell you may want to get your diamond GIA graded first which would significantly enhance the value of the diamond. To get your diamond graded you will have to send it to GIA for analysis and grading. Usually retailers take care of such affairs. They process the shipping and packaging affairs for a significant fee. Once the report comes you may now sell it at a much higher value for authenticated diamonds are much more desired by buyers.

How to sell diamonds to potential buyers?

If you have a diamond which you want to sell the first recommendation would be to get it graded by GIA. After you have completed such affairs selling GIA graded diamonds becomes a whole lot easier. A GIA graded diamond finds potential buyers much more easily than a non-graded diamond. Hence always get your graded report before selling your diamond.