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Brief overview of CNC Machining Process


The 21st century has witnessed a modern and technological revolution the industrial and manufacturing fields, CNC machining among them. From an amateur point of view, the entire concept and process of CNC machining China is complex and challenging, we are going to break down every detail is simpler terms to help you understand better.

CNC Machining Programming

Machines in the CNC systems are run via numerical control, in simpler terms, a software program is programmed to control an object. The language used by the CNC machine is known as G-code that is written and designed to control the behavior and function of a machine such as coordination, speed and feeding rate.

Technically, CNC system allows you to pre-program position and speed of tool functions and run those programs via software in predictable and repetitive sequence without the need for human involvement. As a result, the process is incorporated in various aspects of manufacturing process specifically in plastic and metal production.

In the beginning, a 2D or 3D CAD is created which are converted into computer code for the CNC system to run. After the input of the program, designers and engineers begin a trial run ensuring there are no flaws in the coding.

Open/Closed-Loop systems

The closed/open loop system usually determines the positional control of the system. For the open-loop system, the signaling runs in a single direction between the motor and controller, on the other hand for the closed-loop system the controller has the capabilities of receiving feedback making it possible for error correction. The closed-loop system can correct velocity and speed irregularities.

Usually, movement in CNC machining process is directed in across X and Y axes, the machine tool in the system is guided and positioned via servo motors or stepper which imitates movements as dictated by the G-code.

For starters, if the speed and force are minimal, the CNC machining process is run via open-loop control. The closed-loop system is popular in many industrial applications like metal works as accuracy, speed and precision can be easily attained.

Automation in CNC machining

In today’s CNC machining China protocols, the manufacturing of parts and products is exclusively done via a pre-programmed software that’s fully automated. All the designs and dimensions of a product are placed with the help of a computer-aided design (CAD) software which in turn transformed into a complete solid product through computer-aided manufacturing software (CAM).

Due to the diversity of functions in machine tools, most of the modern CNC machines merge a wide variety of functions such as drilling and cutting into one allowing for consistency in the production of product and parts that would have been impossible to duplicate manually.