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6 Amazing Exhibition Booth Design Ideas That’ll Attract All the Visitors

Exhibition Booth Design Ideas

Make an exhibition of yourself. Or, at least, make an exhibition of your company.

First impressions matter. The first seven seconds we see someone, our brains make one thousand computations about that person.

One way to make a great first impression is through an exhibition booth. But you need to be cautious. You need to know how to design an exhibition booth, controlling for your brand, sight, and sound.

You can start learning right here. Here are six exhibition booth design ideas.

1 . Keep It Simple

Don’t overthink things. You don’t need elaborate lights, a huge staff, and thousand-dollar giveaways at your booth.

You want to make your booth interesting to look at. Keeping things minimalist is a way to keep things interesting.

Set a goal that you want your booth to hit. Maybe you want to showcase a particular product. Maybe you want to show off a service.

Then base your design around that goal. Everything in your space should speak to that objective. If you’re showing off a service, have a stand in front where people can see your service.

Use the psychological effects of color and space to draw people in. Contrast white with intense colors to create an appealing color palette. Have a floor-to-ceiling carpet to make your space seem bigger.

2 .Display Your Brand

The best technique to promote your brand is to feature your company logo. Put it against the wall, and have it hang down from the ceiling.

Put forward brand offerings that are appropriate for the show. If you are at a car exhibition, offer content related to cars.

Give away free things. Put your brand name on those things. Pens, shirts, and lanyards remind the user of your brand, and they allow strangers to see your brand in public.

Have staffers at the booth wear your branded clothing. Don’t put your brand in your customers’ faces. A T-shirt or a hat is enough to increase recognition.

You and your staff are your brand. An expo is filled with thousands of people, most of whom will walk by without a second look.

Be courteous, be professional, and be patient. If you seem like good people, your brand will seem good. It may be difficult to handle so many people, but stay focused on the objective.

3 . Add AV Equipment

Learn how to build a booth. Make sure you can install walls, flooring, and ceiling items.

Once you know the basics, start adding AV equipment. Television and audio displays provide interesting visuals and sounds for customers.

Don’t overwhelm your customers. If your sounds are too loud, people will leave. If your television is too bright, people will turn away from your stand.

Provide simple visuals and sounds that draw the eye and ear in. Display your logo, but also display visuals related to your company. If you own a boating company, have visuals related to the water.

Consider where your television display will be. Putting your TV front and center will project your brand out into the expo space. Putting your TV against the back wall encourages people to enter into your stand.

4 . Be Interactive

Give your customers something to do when they enter your stand. Provide exhibits that your customers can explore and walk around. Set up product demos where your customers can test out features.

Have employees talk to your customer one-on-one. Consider a kind of “dating stand” where customers can sit down and talk to your employees. Give your customers brochures and fliers to read.

You can set up games and giveaways. Encourage your customers to do certain things, and give them prizes for those things.

Consider having a 360-degree stand. Open it up on three or all sides, which provides the most space for interactivity.

5 . Be Immersive

Even a small stand can provide an immersive experience. Contain 2D and 3D elements, like furniture and wide stands. Let your customers feel as though they are entering into a completely new space.

Provide texture to your stands. Have your tables made out of metal, then place some wooden chairs near them. Build a lattice around your stand, which creates an open and creative appearance.

Try to entertain your customers in some way. Some companies have gone all out and turned their stands into full restaurants. You don’t have to go that far, but you should try to captivate your customers.

Provide photo opportunities with backdrops and props. Provide virtual reality experiences or downloadable apps.

6 . Go Outside the Box

Before you go to your expo, talk to your employees. Brainstorm different ideas with them about what you can do at your event.

Plan out everything. Script what your employees will say, and map out your exhibition booth design inch-by-inch.

But stay creative. When your employees talk, give them funny or moving hooks to say. Provide giveaways that no one else provides, like food and money.

Build a suite or a garden within your stand. Make your stand look like a fantasy tavern or an Italian pizzeria. You should stay on-brand, but you should go wild.

You have one opportunity to draw your audience in. Doing something that no one else is doing is the best way to maximize that opportunity.

Find Your Exhibition Booth Design

Exhibitions exhibit you, your company, and your brand. Millions of businesses run booths at exhibitions every year, but only so many of them succeed.

Learn how to design a booth for exhibition. Then learn some exhibition booth designs.

Keep it simple, focusing on your brand and its services. Incorporate AV equipment when appropriate.

But be interactive and immersive. Provide an experience that your audience will remember. Think outside the box, doing something distinct from the crowd.

You have many exhibition booth designs to choose from. Stay creative. Follow our coverage for more exhibition booth design ideas.