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5 Best Encrypted Messenger Apps Of 2021


If you are coherent with messaging on an android platform, you must have come across different messaging apps. These apps offer their users different exciting features. However, one problem faced by most users is that their messages are exposed to the public. Privacy is of utmost importance for any messaging, and any breach in this privacy results in the spilling of several vital information, personal talks, and essential agendas. One crucial feature that some mobile application developers have included in their apps is encrypted messaging. By doing encryption, users can maintain their messages’ privacy. Let us look into some of the messenger applications available on the IOS and android platform.


Most android analysts consider Signal to be the highest standard for all encrypted messaging applications. It has an open-source encryption engine allowing any users to inspect it. However, such a system is challenging to hack, although many hackers have set their eyes on it. The system is simple and allows chatting. Signal also enables the sharing of files and photos. You can set Signal as the default messaging app but can only avail of the encryption feature if the recipients are also using Signal. It also supports video calling and message removal when it becomes obsolete after a defined time.


Whatsapp has the highest popularity amongst all messaging apps. The app is similar to Signal since it considers the same encryption protocol. However, the app has a default encryption feature that no one can change. Whatsapp allows people to message, make calls via phone or video, sharing of photos, videos, files, location, etc. Recently, Whatsapp has also introduced a payment system on its application. Although Facebook owns Whatsapp, it cannot look into Whatsapp messages. However, it can look into other features like the users’ location.


This messaging app is comparable to Signal in the kind of encryption it provides. However, such a feature is not open-sourced. The app has attractive features, like removing messages and backing up chats. The users can also perform group chats, audio memos, video calls, along sticker chats on this application.


Three is a wonderful messaging app that allows encryption of phone calls and messages. They do not have any contact details saved on their servers. It deletes all the data related to the messages after they are sent. The application stores all the local data on the user’s mobile, thus keeping it away from hackers.


Silence is similar to Signal in that it considers its message encryption on the open-source platform. The users are able to use this app even without a Wi-Fi connection. Silence can also prevent the recipient from capturing screenshots of the chat once such features are enabled.

With most transactions taking place online, encryption messaging is of prime importance. If you need to hide your messages, make use of any of the encrypted messenger apps mentioned above.